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Ins Kino is ‘Coming Around’.

Coming Around by Ins Kino

Ins Kino is the recording project of Raleigh, North Carolina, based singer-songwriter Evan Farkas, and ‘Coming Around’ is the first single from his forthcoming debut EP. There’s a melancholic-yet-upbeat feel to the track, reminiscent of The Divine Comedy, early Smiths, or My Life Story. That could be down to Farkas’ use of strings and woodwind over a pushy, bouncy rhythm section, rather than simply relying on the more usual ‘indie’ guitar, bass, and keyboards approach.

It’s a nice mix of cynical and optimistic, chilled-and-mellow yet somehow bouncy-and-upbeat all at once, hooky melodies and a catchy pop chorus coupled with orchestral, cinematic sweeps and swooshes from the off-beat instrumentation, Farkas’ vocal beautifully delivered in that sort of almost-distracted, sardonic Neil Hannon, Ed Harcourt kind of way. It’s undeniably chamber pop, but with an eye to lazy, witty lyrics and deep, crooning vocals.

You can hear ‘Coming Around’ on BandCamp, and follow Ins Kino on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

Watching them walk away: Alexander Broussard is quite breathtaking on ‘How Does It Feel’ (ft. Lana Wolf)

Taken off the latest eleven-track album ‘Now‘, Alexander Broussard returns with a deep piano-filled song that asks us ‘How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf).

The Netherlands-based indie-pop pianist and singer-songwriter, Billy Joel fan and former touring band member Alexander Broussard, is a truly gifted musician, who is back to his roots and is feeling so refreshed after this decision to do his solo music again. This is his first love and after three decades performing other artists music, he is on a mission to make as much quality original creations as possible.

This is the fascinating tale about caring so much for someone and how watching them walk away, really strikes your heart like a ice block, and makes you wonder if this is the right decision. Disconnecting from this once flourishing love is so sore on the soul as you see them waving at you in the distance.

With effortlessly luscious lyrics from her and his strong tone, these two make a lovely tender-wrapped team full of mystique and wonder on this almost-cinematic single- that will have you thinking about your previous relationships in life.

How Does It Feel‘ (ft. Lana Wolf) from the soulful Alexander Broussard is a true intimate sonic soundscape for the ages and brings back the classic feeling in your bones, which is so rare to hear these days.

With quality all of the place, this is a sensational single that might have you in tears or feeling quite reflective about past memories.

Stream this carefully crafted single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Destiny – Procession’s Gate: Hauntingly Soulful Cinematic Indie

With a track name such as “Procession’s Gate”, you’d expect an intellectually mastered soundscape with plenty of intricately ingenious and resounding effect. Which is exactly what you get from I Destiny’s latest single which was released on October 4th.

Straight from the prelude you’re treated to a hauntingly soulful soundscape which enthrals you through the vocal harmony which soars above the almost primal beat. But by the time you get to the bridge, you’re already in absolute awe of the up and coming Los Angeles-based artist I Destiny who may just be the queen when it comes to aural alchemy. Along with the multi-layered vocals offering a staggering amount of reverberant energy, you have the crashing, unforgiving drums discordantly crashing in the background. The final result is nothing short of overwhelming.

You can watch the official video to Procession’s Gate by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast