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Toronto’s Chris Sunfield urges us to locate those true hopes and dreams on ‘Begin’

After heading towards his lowest ebb and not knowing whether he would be able to reach up again and find a happy place as he felt the sadness of not doing what he loved, Chris Sunfield shows us his renewed vigour after music helped save his life with his latest single, ‘Begin‘.

Chris Sunfield is a Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist who has shown us the way to being truly fulfilled in life.

New to the music scene after quietly writing songs in obscurity for years and living a different life.” ~ Chris Sunfield

Taken off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Far Away Objects‘, this is the true story of making sure that you start your passions before it’s too late as you will regret it if you don’t. Feeling lost in something that doesn’t make you smile is no way to live, and we are reminded of this on a stunning single filled with hope and inspiration.

After being in an accident recently and losing a few close friends and mentors, this is a man who has opened his eyes and knew what he had to do as he speaks from the heart. With glorious vocals brewing from the speakers, this is such a sweet song that will surely fill you up with love and determination.

Chris recorded his first songs in high school. He was accepted into a university music program despite not knowing how to read music. He struggled and soon switched majors, eventually receiving a PhD in psychology and ending up as a consultant.” ~

Begin‘ from Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Sunfield, is a lovely single that is ultra-catchy and blesses our souls with a real message that the whole world needs to hear. With so many people hating what they do and letting the hands of time dictate their lives, this is a heartfelt single that should wake many into action.

If you just start and stop wondering what if, you never know what you are actually capable of.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shake off the existentialism with Chris Sunfield’s symphonic baroque pop single, Tomorrow’s Here.

‘Tomorrow’s Here’ is the latest symphonic baroque pop release from singer-songwriter Chris Sunfield. It carries a similar uplifting finesse to the Manic Street Preacher’s latest album with plenty of extra added cosmic bliss.

With the orchestral scores against the enlivening jangle-pop riffs that prop up the layered choral vocals, Tomorrow’s Here is a sure-fire serotonin fix. With ‘we are asleep inside, we are the dreams we hide behind, who we fear to be, slumbering in a bed of history’ as an opening lyric, straight off the bat, you get the affirmation that Sunfield is an artist with a wealth of enlightened intelligence to offer to the existential.

Tomorrow’s Here is now available to stream on Spotify – don’t sleep on it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Sunfield has the femme fatale fear in his latest single, Don’t Kill Me.

Don’t Kill Me is the latest single from Chris Sunfield, an artist quickly becoming renowned for his conceptual explorations of classic pop idioms to the tune of snaking, swampy blues-rock that isn’t afraid to go Baroque through symphonic styling.

His radio-ready psychobilly single is probably the most accurate femme fatale depiction I’ve ever heard; what Single White Female is to cinema, Don’t Kill Me is to the airwaves. Any fans of the Cramps, the Brains, Amigo the Devil, Nick Cave, or Mad Sin will find plenty to love about Sunfield.

Don’t Kill Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chris Sunfield goes in for the kill with his latest avant-garde production, ‘Predator’

With the dark sensuality of a She Wants Revenge single, theatrically macabre lyrics, and cinematic film noir feel, Chris Sunfield’s latest single, Predator is an intoxicating mash of baroque folk, pop, jazz, electronica and hip hop.

Just when you’re starting to think that you’ve got the soundscape figured out, Predator throws fierily slick rap verses from Ya Favorite Lightskin into the mix that will be a hit with any fans of Banks and Steelz. With avant-garde instrumentals contorting free from constraint under the bars, Predator absorbs you just as much as you absorb the soundscape.

Predator is one of those tragically rare singles that you could listen to a thousand times and still feel assured that you would take something new from the next listen. The artistry on exhibition here is practically unparalleled. We can’t wait to hear what Chris Sunfield unleashes next.

The official music video to Predator premiered on May 28th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast