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Tecoby Hines appreciates those soul-healing warm moments in nature on ‘Days Under Sun’

Placing his faith in the good energies above to take care of his caring soul always, Tecoby Hines knows he is headed in the right direction as he hopes to keep those close who mean most to him on ‘Days Under Sun‘.

Tecoby Hines is a North Carolina-based Hip hop artist and poet who first started his music journey in the school choir and has never looked back.

I tend to isolate myself to find direction, gain my confidence and laser my focus.” ~ Tecoby Hines

Releasing a memoir to the world that needs to be cherished for its incredible serenity, Tecoby Hines is a rising storyteller who possesses a rare greatness that is understated and laden with true class.

I just thought my life was to be a good dude and to hoop.” ~ Tecoby Hines

Days Under Sun‘ from North Carolina-based indie Hip hop artist/poet Tecoby Hines is one of the most tranquil songs around and is performed with such insight from a deep soul. He flows with a sublime technique and there is so much to swim into here – from an artist who is only elevating his mindset – above the pollution-packed noise that serves no purpose. Plastered with a healthy message that has you suddenly thoughtful and feeling rather nostalgic, this is a single that will get you into a much better place of calming wonder.

When you get yourself into that right frame of mind, anything is possible.

Turn up this new single on Spotify and see more info on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Take My Time: Janelle Sy’mone sings her way into our blushing hearts with ‘All Night’

Bringing us her latest excellent single from her highly lovable debut album ‘Good Girl TV‘, Janelle Sy’mone is absoloutely dynamite on a hot track all about telling your lucky lover that things are only between them and no one else on ‘All Night‘.

Janelle Sy’mone is an indie RnB solo singer-songwriter, former youth choir singer and actor, who is based in vibrant Atlanta, Georgia.

Noticing the power of music, Janelle knew that one day she would not only be able to change, but heal people by her storyline of experience.” ~ Janelle Sy’mone

You feel that you are listening to a sensational singer in her prime – as her beaming eyes look so hungry and ready for anything – as she performs with an enticing tone and dances with such love towards the man who she wants as her own. The lyrics are honest and to the point, as you sit back and let her take you to romantic places in your desires, which have been largely forgotten in your beating and lonely heart.

All Night‘ from the excellent Atlanta, Georgia-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Janelle Sy’mone, shows us a spark that is so steamy, you might need a cold glass of water to cool down. She sings with a real intensity that is backed up by incredible visuals, and an ambiance that has you reaching for those candles and lighter.

Love should always be about that passion you share, and less about the small-minded gossip from others that seems to follow.

See this fine new video on YouTube and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

IDMC Gospel Soul Choir unleashed an upraising earworm on the airwaves with their newly released single “My Joy”

Even during lockdown, IDMC Gospel Soul Choir managed to pour some much-needed soul onto the airwaves with their newly released single “My Joy” and digitally converge for the official music video which dropped on July 5th.

Whether you’re religious or not, this House-infused feat of Christian & Gospel is sure to have a euphorically uplifting effect. The energy projected into My Joy is as euphoric as it is revolving and comforting. The IDMC Gospel Soul Choir’s talent is undeniable. But more importantly, so is their ability to craft such a sincere uplifting single which is sure to sweeten anyone’s mood. Do yourself a favour and hit play.

You can check out the official music video which was filmed during lockdown by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast