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Chintzy Stetson knows we brought this on ourselves with ‘Final Words’

With his debut album on the way as he avoids more hospital stays, Chintzy Stetson shows us his mature and wise thoughts about what the next generation must think about this wild world right now on ‘Final Words‘.

Chintzy Stetson aka Louis James Adams is a London, UK-based indie alternative solo artist who was first known as the lead for Newcastle psych-rock band, Them Things.

Scintillating immensely with a rather warm glow as he shows us a world class quality that is such a fine listen, Chintzy Stetson is at his best here on a timeless performance to behold.

He reminds you of a friend back in the day who was always the most interesting about of everyone, with a vibe that made you want to listen no matter what the words were. With true stories abundant about everything we have all been going through lately and a relatable aura plastered all over, this is a top track which will make you think twice.

Final Words‘ from London, UK-based indie alternative solo artist Chintzy Stetson¬†is a quench thirsty song that will help you forget who you are for a while. An honest ode that is sung so vividly and shows us deeply into the mindset of a soul who has fully comprehended everything. His mind is fluttering, taking everything in, wondering what will happen next, as he lights another one up and takes a long sip. Life in 2022 is a fuzzy mystery, don’t you think?

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen