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Nate Leblanc and Mirai Ishii make beautiful melodies on ‘Running’

French producer Nate Leblanc and the dazzlingly gorgeous voice of Mirai Ishii make beautiful melodies on ‘Running‘ and this is a worthwhile listen in 2020.

Rockies-based producer Nate Leblanc makes our ears glow with blushes due to the sexy tension and energy with the sultry sweet vocals of Mirai Ishii.

Sometimes that special one just spins in your mind all the time and you feel like you are always taking a ride. What you really want is to be with them, take your shoes off and be alive. Your love feels so real and right now.

This is a perfect song for all times of the week as this is an exhilarating experience from start to finish. There is an exploration of the house vibe and we are in for a treat.

Nate Leblanc from France sends us a real treat with Mirai Ishii on ‘Running‘. This is a waterfall splashed scrumptious sea of soothing music.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Baby You’re Mine” by Andy Moontown could be the smoothest track of 2020

Going to places with you have never heard of before must be an incredible and happy feeling. You are cruising with the love of your life during the summer time. The shades are on, hair is flowing in the wind and you both are holding hands. Smiling times with no worries.

Baby You’re Mine” by Dallas native Andy Moontown is something special. The beat is so funky I want to groove so bad and get down on that dance floor. This track is all about being happy and speaking about the things you can’t face to face. You do it through the best medium of all. Music.

I’m blown away with this track and it makes me so happy. I feel like summer is taking so long to arrive and this will have to played by the pool when the right time comes. Produced by PilotKid who has created such a gem stone here that I just want to flip this one again and again. Be happy, forget your worries and turn this up.

Soundcloud is the platform to hear this epic track that defies time.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cardiff’s Blueyute takes us on a vivid road trip with ”Song 4”

A creative storyteller who takes you on a mellow journey that includes a love interest, is always welcome in this dark and unsure world. Blueyute is a young UK emcee/singer with a smooth flow and a bunch of trippy beats to keep our ears looped in the whole ride.

Blueyute’sSong 4” is all about just going on that journey with that special person in your life, keeping an eye out for each other while daydreaming about going to all those places you have always wanted to go and visit.

Music Student Blueyute has created a vivid trip of simple expectations to striking results with ‘‘Song 4’‘. His music is ambient chill, just enough to keep you alert but always relaxing enough to lay back on a beanbag, dreaming of travelling somewhere far away. The Welsh youngster from Cardiff is maturing before our eyes and it won’t be long until he strikes that match and the fumes are full of a success that he couldn’t imagine.

Stream this track right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London’s BR3NZ deals with heartbreak on ”Other Side”

Dealing with earth shattering heartbreak is a soul crushing hit to the stomach that can take days, weeks, months and possibly years to fully rejuvenate from, if at all.

London’s BR3NZ depicts this vivid picture of pain to such a high level here that we all need to a get a stepladder to have a proper look. ”Other Side” is 2020’s ultimate breakup song.

With a flickering start, the smooth buildup takes us to the lyrical beginnings where the story unfolds. BR3NZ sings in a such a cool and mellow manner, each sentence is carefully crafted to have maximum impact. Dealing with memories of an ex-lover that you remember so vividly, with such love and affection can take you back to some great times. However, then you remember that they broke down your body armor and joined you inside. Then, just like that, it’s all gone and now they walk past you like a stranger.

A descriptive storyteller who laces summer beats on a sad song is a sight to behold. BR3NZ gets everything right with his new single ”Other Side” as this bouncy house beat with lo-fi appeal, blends nicely into a edm/ r&b banger that is perfectly made to hold your lover close, this is a warning that constant communication is needed to avoid that spark flaming out suddenly.

Get this single in your ears via his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MXK feat Olivia Meade – Air: Haunting Humility from The Underground

MXK’s debut single Air featuring Olivia Meade is a hallowing mix of synth pop which captures the contempt of every women ever scorned as the narrative lyrics unravel, gripping you as they lead you through the track demanding that you share in her melancholy.

Along with acts such as Angel Olsen, London Grammar, Big Thief & Heavy Heart, this artist has got some stiff competition but with their first ever single, MXK and Olivia have blown it out of the park by creating this delectably dark ensemble that you can listen to time and time again.

To say that Air is an empowering track is possibly the biggest understatement I could make. The beautifully stunning singer song writer Olivia has been around on the underground with her guitar since 2009, it’s a tragic sign of the times that this track isn’t being blasted by every mainstream radio station.

Along with her staggering vocal ability, Olivia Meade is also a multi-instrumentalist, but her true talent lies in the passion she packs into her sound to create a powerfully transgressive mix with MXK.

Check out the debut single Air via Spotify: