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Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide’ on debut release

Seide flows in with the real life story of ‘De-Seide‘. This is a packed-full of quality lyrics and a sound that gets you grooving.

This is music all about addictions and breakups to partying and everyday struggles. The music from this young artist is so relatable and his flow is tidy, the words are so relevant and the style is fantastic.

Fort Pierce, United States is the home of this terrific new school rapper with a trap-feel to this new release. He speaks on real topics and for this, he must be applauded. To often, rappers in this genre speak about bling, girls, cars and drugs. Not this fine emcee. He is self-aware and makes music to help others with their problems.

De-Seide‘ from Seide is a new school emcee with a big heart and a vibrant soul. This is a debut release that speaks volumes for the potential talent of this rising artist. He has decided what style of music he wants to make and the scary thing is that he is just getting started.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

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London-based Julia Thomsen rises up with spiritual instrumental ”Sea Energise”

London’s Julia Thomsen is a Neo-classical Film & TV composer who loves to create music that is wholeheartedly inspired by our beautiful nature around us. She returns with ”Sea Energise” and this is an instrumental cinematic masterpiece.

At the age of 5, Julia composed a piano piece to symbolize the weather changing from sunshine to rain to wind and into thunderstorms. This is a life-long creative who shines here on this marvelous piece that is so calming. Julia Thomsen makes music for Relaxation, Yoga Sessions, Spa, Boutique Hotels, Adverts, Film and Television. She just wants to make music for us to enjoy and to remind us to just relax.

Sea Energise” grabs our souls and takes us on a whirlwind of waves that take us into the oceans throughout. Julia Thomsen is a well-known name in the UK scene that is delightfully constructed to give us a song that is truly ahead of other songs in its genre.

Stream this enlightenment here on Soundcloud.

Find out more about Julia here on her Facebook.

For more visuals and music news, head through to Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sacramento rapper Lazy Bonez brings crew together on good vibes with Tryna Chill ft Cash & Origami

Lazy Bonez blazes in with mellow Californian summer Hip Hop track with ”Tryna Chill” ft Cash & Origami on production. This is perfect for those hot summer days and nights. It’s a song for all occasions.

Sacramento, California is the home of this 420 friendly new school rapper. Inspired by the fine skills of J Cole, Lazy Bonez is on top form here. The beat feels like I’m floating in a bubble like a happy soul. He just wants to smoke, chill and take it easy for a bit from this crazy world.

Tryna Chill” it mainly started as a freestyle when he was chillin’ with his homies Cash and Jay. Xcvii who produces some of Lazy’s beats decided to rap. This is the first ever song he recorded and this has inspired him to make much more music. The bug is in and I have a feeling we will be hearing much more from this rapper with soul.

Stream this 420 friendly track on Soundcloud.

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Brighton producer Soare breezes in with seductive R&B dream with ”You”

Soare is a 24-year-old DIY UK artist and producer who is back with this foot-sliding funky pop summer song with ”You”.

Brighton-based, Soare creates a blend of Pop-R&B, indie and hip-hop soul-soothing bedroom tunes. This high-flying style makes me want to dance all night and concentrate on being in the moment.

This is the 2nd sexy single from the fresh producer and follow ups the superb ”High Ride” from May 2020 which was highly successful with over 10k streams and counting.

You” is about finding that special person in your life and not letting go. You want to feel the vibe and let the good times roll. This is a seductive song perfect for those late nights while dancing over a bottle of wine. Southampton-born Soare gets it just right on ”You”.

Stream this funky new pop song right here on Soundcloud.

Check out the vibe on Spotify.

To find out when he is playing again head to Facebook.

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Jeh strides in with summer house anthem ”Alone Together”

Alone Together” is the love summer house song we all needed right now. Jeh is an Indian producer who is based in vibrant Mumbai and this vibe shines like sunglasses reflecting on a crystal blue pool.

Taken off the upcoming ”Sounds” Of Summer” this is a fine single from the young producer. There is summer vibes here in droves and I love the beat that makes me smile and remember the good times. The start puts you in the mood instantly with the sultry female vocals and fresh sound.

Alone Together” from Jeh is all about wanting to be alone with that special crush. You know that going with the flow is the best way to go and you want this to last forever. Just like those hot summer days.

This party song is perfect for those summer days and sunsets with those close to you. Jeh has produced an absolute winner.

Stream this brand new track right here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lovelast helps us escape with Indie-Electronic ”Afterglow”

Sometimes relationships just don’t work out. For whatever reason, be it timing, feelings or miscommunication, it’s a sad and unfortunate time. There is one positive and that is the afterglow. The memories and lessons we have learnt from each other. However they are remembered, we must carry those onto the next human we care for.

Afterglow” is all about the sad disintegration of love that was once so strong and seemed like it would be forever.

Formed in Houston, Texas, Lovelast is the indie pop lovechild of the singer-songwriter Chase Rutherford-Jenkins. Now based in San Francisco, his music feels like it should be in a motivational video, as it has that feel and connection.

We are guided all the way by the tranquil beat and stunning backdrop in this song and the story is quite sad but inspiring at the same time. The beat is tremendous and I felt like I was flying in the clouds, in a somber and reflective mood. ”Afterglow” is a fantastic song, deep in story and packed full with a towering ending that is mightily impressive.

Click on the SoundCloud link for more inspirational music from this super talented artist.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



Edge releases throwback classic ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”

This is one of the most intriguing songs of 2020. Born in Abuja, Nigeria, Edge has such a different style that makes you listen extra close to his vocals and he hits it out the park with ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You”.

The Singer/Emcee based in Western Canada has a seductive voice, its so deep and has such mainstream appeal. I feel like I’m in a movie while listening to him, his flow is so consistent and I can’t help tapping my feet and wondering how I could get onto one of his music videos.

Edge has all the skills to impress any crowd as he just flows with such smooth professionalism, his voice captures a picture of cruising around in Vice City, rocking up to the best house party and following him into the VIP section. The intro to ”Vice City Vibe – Sorry Sarah Couldn’t Really Call You” is genuinely brilliant and has such an old school feel to it. Edge has created a perfect break away song to unwind and get the summer party going, this young artist is surely destined for big things. Sarah will surely forgive him, she knows he will call back.

Find this top track on SoundCloud and get the night started.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manchester’s SZOU drops electro-pop Orwellian reminder with ”Dystopia”

A slow build to tease us in, before dark clouds form and we are lifted into a dream, all created by SZOU. She just wants to be safe and live fear-free from all this madness and uncertainly. A sentiment millions of us feel right now, we just want to be safe and sound too, a simple human right you would think. This is a quality track from vocals to beat, lyrics and delivery. Made in Manchester with love.

With a brilliantly descriptive imagination, SZOU drops a futuristic electro-pop song that is ahead of it’s time. The way she reminds us of the dark times of George Orwell’s game-changing book 1984 and at the same time has produced the song to sound so new school. A remarkable feat indeed which makes her 2020 release ”Dystopia” a song that deserve lots of love and listens. In a world that has completely changed over the last few months, I feel that this is one of the most important releases all year. UK

Stream more from this fantastic female artist on the rise via her SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MXK feat Olivia Meade – Air: Haunting Humility from The Underground

MXK’s debut single Air featuring Olivia Meade is a hallowing mix of synth pop which captures the contempt of every women ever scorned as the narrative lyrics unravel, gripping you as they lead you through the track demanding that you share in her melancholy.

Along with acts such as Angel Olsen, London Grammar, Big Thief & Heavy Heart, this artist has got some stiff competition but with their first ever single, MXK and Olivia have blown it out of the park by creating this delectably dark ensemble that you can listen to time and time again.

To say that Air is an empowering track is possibly the biggest understatement I could make. The beautifully stunning singer song writer Olivia has been around on the underground with her guitar since 2009, it’s a tragic sign of the times that this track isn’t being blasted by every mainstream radio station.

Along with her staggering vocal ability, Olivia Meade is also a multi-instrumentalist, but her true talent lies in the passion she packs into her sound to create a powerfully transgressive mix with MXK.

Check out the debut single Air via Spotify: