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Cherry Makes Waves

Start your infatuation with Cherry Makes Waves’ latest avant-garde cine-pop single, Bisket Full.

Amsterdam’s Avant-Garde cine-pop artist Cherry Makes Waves has released her latest artfully sultry earworm, Bisket Full. With her ability to hit high notes with ethereal ease, your infatuation with her authenticity will ensue before the first verse runs through.

Any Kate Bush comparisons that you are tempted to make will quickly slip away while the down-tuned guitars and snappy electronic percussion remind you of the time when Skinny Puppy reigned supreme in the electronica scene.

The playful pop track explores our proclivity to make ridiculous decisions when we are hyped up on lust; considering that you’ll start to feel your inhibitions slip away while embracing the daringly single, Cherry Makes Waves makes a compelling case.

Bisket Full is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast