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Char Elizabeth – Rock with Me: An RnB Meditation in Passion

Taken from her latest EP, In2me, which delivers 20 minutes of unadulterated ethereal soul, Char Elizabeth’s standout single, Rock with Me, is a meditation in passion.

With the prominence of the trappy bass-driven beats in the minimalist production, it is all too easy to get lost in the sultry flow of Rock with Me as it acts as the ultimate soundtrack to sensual seduction.

The Canadian-born NY-based award-winning singer-songwriter and producer started by working with local bands at the outset of her career; today, her list of successes is almost as infinite as her gravitas. To name a few, she has signed to a sub-label of Def Jam records, contributed to Run DMC’s album, Crown Royal, and her vocals have appeared in Disney films. In other words, she’s an unstoppable force in the industry. Affix her to your radar and watch her ascend.

Check out Rock with Me on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Feel It In My Bones: Char Elizabeth knows what she wants on the sensually stimulating ‘Rock With Me’

Taken off her latest six-track EP that is filled with so much love, the wonderful Char Elizabeth dances until sunrise on her new kiss-soaked single all about reaching heights unheard of before on ‘Rock With Me‘.

Char Elizabeth is a well-traveled Canadian-born, Galveston, Texas-raised, and New York City/Houston-based RnB singer-and acclaimed songwriter.

She would be introduced to the late great Jason Mizell-aka Jam Master Jay, and signed as an artist and writer on his label, JMJ records.” ~ Char Elizabeth

There are so many candles on this track that you might need to get some extra matches delivered to keep up, as the flame strikes real hot and has your heightened imagination in a real tight twist of romance. Char is a truly elegant performer with so much class on each note – as she naughtily turns the bright lights off – so that our curious bodies may join together as one.

Rock With Me‘ from the world class Houston/New York-based indie RnB singer and award winning songwriter Char Elizabeth, is a late-night love track that has the night feeling real slow as you get closer to your ecstatic lover. Showing us her clear vocals which are so crisp and beautiful on your intrigued ears, this is a steamy new single that will have you blushing for hours. Just like she intended.

Hear this fine new release from a truly skilled musician on her Spotify and see more stories via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen