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Spotlight Feature: Melancholy Goes Pop in Castle KYD’s Alt-Indie Single Melatonin

After leaving us infatuated with the brevity in “The Mess You Leave Behind”, the Rexburg, Idaho alt-indie artist, Castle KYD, has rekindled our penchant for his artfully affectionate sonic signature with his latest release, Melatonin.

Melatonin may have started as a proclamation against people who push you towards progress that you’re not ready for do more harm than good. But the jangly up-vibe single easily carries Castle KYD’s innocently defiant soul in the nuances of shoegaze and no-wave indie.

Castle KYD is by far one of the most promising artists on our radar. His artful inclination that reads in his sonic textures is one thing, his un-bittered sense of enlightened and reflective soul is another thing entirely. Melancholic indie-pop has scarcely been more infectious. Which goes a fair way in explaining how the independent artist has amassed over 54,000 streams since making his debut with ‘Menagerie’ in 2021.

Here’s what Castle KYD had to say on his latest release

“Most of the growth I’ve had happened when I just let the hurt flow through and let time do its healing.
I chose Melatonin for the title and overarching metaphor because it’s much like the hormone, or when you take melatonin pills. For me, I don’t want to move until it’s out of my system after I wake up, I usually wait, but it doesn’t help when I feel rushed, that’s how the concept for the song.”

Melatonin will officially release on April 8th, 2022. You can check it out for yourselves on SoundCloud or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spotlight Feature: Castle KYD pulls visceral emotional punches in ‘The Mess You Left Behind’

On November 26th, Idaho indie singer-songwriter Castle KYD brought accountability in trend with his artfully expressive single, The Mess You Left Behind. In the Waitsy intro, there is little but solemn vocal notes and the quiescent murmurs from the acoustic guitar; as the track builds up to the pre-chorus, that’s when the sharp hook digs in and pulls you deeper into the intrinsically melodic work.

The Mess You Left Behind truly is the pinnacle of contemporary indie-folk pop. His innocently sweet scorned vocals, the celestial accordance in the choruses and lyrics that prove the extent of his determination to transfuse raw emotion into art makes Castle KYD one of the most gifted artists of his generation.

We didn’t need the self-taught artist’s bio to tell us that his music is an amalgamation of desire for connection, a means to cope and a way to turn banality into something meaningful. You can hear it in every ounce of passion poured into this evocatively bruising seminal release.

Here is what Castle Kyd had to say about his latest release:

“Mess You Left Behind was written on a sleepless night, thinking about someone I lived with and had to leave because it was so toxic. In 15 minutes, every feeling, anger and blame poured out of me and formed a poem which became a song in those minutes. After months, I still miss and crave them despite their emotional abuse; I blame myself for craving that, the person who instilled a lot of hurt in me. After struggling to get over it, I’ve become paradoxical; I am the mess this person left behind.”

The Mess You Left Behind is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Tearful Goodbye: Castle KYD pays a fitting tribute on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant’

As he Sherlock Holmes-y found the sneaky hidden key and got out of a horrid place he wholeheartedly dreaded on previous single ‘Menagerie‘, Castle KYD rocks the chair and says goodbye to a former friend who couldn’t speak back on ‘Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘.

Castle KYD is a supremely skilled professional escapist and solo indie alt-rock/pop musician who makes a blend of meaningful creative sounds that are totally original and pushes boundaries that helps him to be truly unique.

Created as an Alter-Ego for an adult who never knows how to be outspoken about his inner enigmas—realizing that behind the walls he put up, he could still speak.” ~ Castle KYD

With a sad sigh and a regretful wish that there was more time despite the water stream that somehow didn’t help the flow of life, he sings with a deep affection for a helpless creation that was around during some good times. A peacefully transfixing background has been added to perfection here from a marvelous musician and thoughtful human, who feels emotions more than most. This is what makes him such a tremendous artist – easily capable of pulling on your heartstrings and taking them on a journey to a world above – that is much better than the current pollution-rampant one we all reside in.

Final Tape For A Dead Plant‘ from the tremendously original indie rock/pop artist Castle KYD, is a tear-educing track all about saying a final thank you to a missed plant, who sadly shriveled away too soon. Made with love to a quiet nature-loving listening friend who will be missed, this is a peaceful track all about paying tribute to a short but important life.

Hear this caring new track on Spotify and see more of his travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

And Let Us Flee: Castle KYD needs to escape into the wild forever on ‘Menagerie’

As he carefully holds his tender hand out and wonders who will hold it too, Castle KYD looks for the escape route out of this meaningless sewage-filled planet that drowns away our authentic energy if we aren’t too careful on his latest single called ‘Menagerie‘.

Castle KYD is a professional escapist and solo indie alt-rock/pop musician. He makes that real music all about issues that face us everyday, and sings with a real meaning in all of his songs.

Created as an Alter-Ego for an adult who never knows how to be outspoken about his inner enigmas—realizing that behind the walls he put up, he could still speak.” ~ Castle KYD

This is the message of moving on as you aren’t happy about what you have built up here anyway – and seek that true adventure which shall break you away – from the monotonous cycle that wheels you away from your correct path of self-enlightenment. The lyrics are deep and cleverly written, his vocals slowly gaining steam like a classic train, as he finds that inner confidence that is brewing delightfully and almost ready to explode with his true emotions.

Behind the castle, there is a kid.” ~ Castle KYD

Menagerie‘ from the promising Castle KYD, is the honest story about feeling so caged up that you just need to get out quick before your precious soul burns a slow death. He sings with a real meaning and insight into the current world and how so many of us feel – after many months of being locked inside – we lust for the wild nature to set us free again.

Feeling alive, is the best way to keep that soul fresh with excitement anyway.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen