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Find Myself: Seattle’s Kid Cambo looks for that true meaning inside his ‘Soul’

Guiding us through the darkness of modern day with a tasteful glance to doing things the right way, Kid Cambo tries to find his true purpose on his latest single called ‘Soul‘.

Janathen Phath aka Kid Cambo, is a ever-growing Seattle-based rapper with Cambodian heritage who makes a fresh blend of music that filled full of that true inspirational seek-your-true-path vibe to enlighten us all.

He has a melodic tone and witty bars, where he has shown versatility in many different types of styles.” ~ Kid Cambo

As he sings with an honest ode to the past – whilst looking towards the future – you feel like he is taking stock of what is actually important in his life. The ambiance is low-lit here with a thoughtful tone, to a world that appears so harsh if you get stuck in the game long enough.

Soul‘ from the hugely talented and fast-rising Seattle-based indie hip-hop artist Kid Cambo, is that smoothly performed track that seeks that true guidance needed to truly advance. This is the true story about wondering who will actually miss you – and if this was actually real – or just a fake game that closes the door so fast on you, that they barely bothered to wave goodbye.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen