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Invite You To My Gig: San Diego rapper T. Ka$h feels the cold shiver from a former lover on ‘Call You Back’

After taking an enforced hiatus due to the horrific covid-19 virus which has shockingly plagued the world recently, T. Ka$h returns with his latest track all about someone holding you back named ‘Call You Back‘.

Tyler Knauff aka T. Ka$h aka Backwood Bobby, is a San Diego, California-based indie hip-hop artist, songwriter, podcaster, and business owner.

With a style reminiscent of a variation between Smino and J. Cole’s more melodic sound and the hard hitting instrumentation of Joey Bada$$ and DaBaby, he focuses on standing out from other white rappers.” ~ T. Ka$h

He raps with an assertive style that is never too much on the ears – as he confidently tells us what has been going down with an ex who won’t leave him alone – when things have clearly moved into another dimension since you were together last. His mind has evolved and he knows what type of partner he wants, to have him enhance spiritually and move into a new era with a soul who actually supports his career.

Call You Back‘ from the San Diego, California-based indie rapper and podcaster T. Ka$h, is the eloquently described story about wondering why a former lover keeps on dialing you up, when things have clearly ended. They have been hurt before and you drive each other crazy – but you just know that you can’t be together – even if the good times were incredible.

This is the type of break-up track to play when you know its time to block the number, and move onto better times ahead away from that energy-sapping drama.

Stream this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen