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Cali’s sardonic sons El Greasy delivered industrialised synth rock debauchery in their debut, Bad Night for Leather

El Greasy

The Oakland, California melodramatic prodigies, El Greasy, greased up synth-rock to a debauched degree in their debut single and music video, Bad Night for Leather.

After feeling the synergy over Zoom during the lockdowns, the duo laid down seven soon-to-be seminal singles with engineer Ben Hirschfield at Nu-Tone Studios; Bad Night for Leather is the first dripping of their sardonically industrialised sound which obliterated the alt-rock mould.

So much more than the sum of their stoner rock influences, El Greasy’s big, brash, and bold energy lent itself effortlessly well to the narrative weaved through the superlative track which unfurls snarls towards protagonists who believe that superficial modifications will have untold benefits on the pitifulness of their unself-aware existence.

It is easy to see El Greasy riffing their way into the blackened hearts of everyone who takes their alt-rock with adrenalized shots of big-beat electronica and heavy doses of lyrical intellectualism, which elucidates phenomena that your average song crafter wouldn’t dare to work into their concepts. They’re a razor-sharp cut above the rest with their ability to put your speakers to the test while stretching your imagination with their tensile wit.

El Greasy said

“Bad Night for Leather portrays the experience of loneliness and self-acceptance during a night out in the big city.  Inspired by a night of heavy drinking in Berlin, the protagonist retells the story of the night he was kicked out of a bar and stumbled by a pawn shop with a cool leather jacket in the window. By wearing the jacket, he thinks he’ll get into any bar or nightclub but is soundly rejected again and again by surreally large bouncers and the terrorizing “eye” of CCTV cameras.

The character laments that “I let myself get to me” and accepts that it was a “Bad Night for Leather.” The main idea is a character doing something over the top to gain the approval of others when there is no guarantee of this occurring.”

If you can’t get enough of Bad Night for Leather, you won’t have long to wait for the drop of their antithesis of a Christmas single, Jesus Fucking Christ, which is set to rain blasphemy onto the airwaves in December 2023.

The single and official music video for Bad Night for Leather will drop on November 3rd; stream it on YouTube.

Head to El Greasy’s official website, Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with future releases and antics.


Review by Amelia Vandergast

New Earth Farmers share their reverent soul in their psych-tinged compassionate single, Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye.

Into The Great Unknown by New Earth Farmers

After the pandemic inspired Nicole Storto and Paul Knowles to share pensive narratives with the world by forming New Earth Farmers, the duo delivered the resonance that the airwaves have been crying out for. Instead of musing on the most obvious facets of torment and malaise that gripped the world in 2020, New Earth Farmers delved deeper and explored ego-loss in their latest single, Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye. Tom Petty and Bob Dylan fans won’t be disappointed with the vintage ease that the single carries through the progressions.

The track would bruise a few narcissistic egos if narcissists were emotionally aware enough to fathom their nefariousness. Considering that they will only ever look in the mirror with rose-tinted glasses, this sweetly psychedelically-tinged single is one for the enlightened.

Everything Was Beautiful, Goodbye, is now available with the rest of their album, Into The Great Unknown,  via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast