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Watch What You Say: Buffalo’s Jay Ekō drops dashing debut release ‘On Read’ (feat. Just Matt)

After doubting his abilities recently after the much-needed creative energies played hide and go seek with him for a minute, a totally refreshed Jay Ekō shows us what he can do on his quality debut release called ‘On Read‘ (feat. Just Matt).

James Watkins aka Jay Ekō, is a Buffalo, New York-born RnB/pop artist who fuses in some elements of fresh hip-hop beats into his music. He is a young singer with so much potential, as he has made his mind up now that this is the career path which will make him truly fulfilled.

Jay moved to Charlotte, NC following his junior year of high school. New surroundings gave birth to new relationships, inspiration, and opportunity…until it didn’t. Fear and self-doubt crippled his ability to create until the global pandemic shifted his perspective and reset his focus to what he loves most- creating music.” ~ Jay Ekō

With an expressive story into his life right now as the person who he cares about is picking a fight with him at every corner, this is a real message that rings home true for so many. You feel like things are rough right now and you don’t even recall how this beef started – as you wish for it to end real quick – as its draining your energy like a phone on flat.

Made with a reflective edge and pulsating vocals, you feel like this is a track to play loud in the car when you are going through romantic issues. His vocals are quality and with a terrific beat, there is lots to wrap hungrily into here.

At the age of 15, Jay received the opportunity to attend a studio session with fellow Buffalo-native, King Jester. The chance encounter led to him contributing background vocals on his single ‘Did 2 Me.’ He states: “I’d like to think that was when being an artist became something more than a dream. It became something tangible.” ~ Jay Ekō

On Read(feat. Just Matt) from the Charlotte, North Carolina-based RnB/pop artist Jay Ekō, is a well-sung single that has you thinking deeper about that time you were in a silly argument, that got so personal with your lover. The sparks fly when you are together but the passion gathers a stormy wind when things aren’t quite right, as you wonder if you will ever be the same again. Sometimes texts get things swirling like a twister, while you are just looking for calmer days when the vibe is just right.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

For Humankind: Buffalo gem Sara Elizabeth sings for the brave souls on terrific ‘Rational Anthem’

With a self-aware attitude that shows her incredible strength and inspiring resilience to survive anything that comes in her path, Sara Elizabeth sings with so much soul to unite us all on ‘Rational Anthem‘.

Sara Elizabeth is a deeply thoughtful Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter and a proud graduate of a Bachelors in Music and Minor in Sound Design for Theatre from the University at Buffalo.

I wrote this song last year during a global pandemic, an election year, a time when fundamental truths began deepening the divisions in our country. “Rational Anthem” rephrases some familiar stanzas with one theme in mind – people over patriotism.” ~ Sara Elizabeth

You feel her superb tone shaking through the dust of your fragile speaker, her powerfully elegant voice is the whole package and shines through like a light at the end of a dark and dingy tunnel. If feels like she is in such inspired form here and performs with a delightful style, each word is meaningful and tremendously performed with complete love.

Rational Anthem‘ from the much-respected Buffalo, New York-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter Sara Elizabeth, shows us her thoughts on a very touchy subject that has many people divided, when the USA needs to be more together than ever as it leads the world. After almost walking away from music a few years back as she felt so lost, thank goodness Sara kept her faith that she could she succeed.

This is a quality track that is such an enthralling listen and needs to be admired for its courageousness to speak up in this time of uncertain divisiveness, that must be conquered for the good of humankind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see her moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dan Plants and Nate Cronk- Stay: A journey through the sound of Synthwave

‘Stay’’ was created by two great friends Dan Plants and Nate Cronk, it dives straight into the Synthwave style as it introduces a variety of different sound effects as well as some catchy vocals.

From start to finish it has this up-lifting beat that gives the track so much energy, there’s a mixture of hard-hitting drum beats, insane riffs on the guitar as well as the synth effects that intertwine themselves into the vocals and instrumentation.

It tells a story throughout about love and heartbreak, but even if it tends to have a more poignant meaning, it still manages to keep your spirits high as the melody is so contagious and it gives off this cheery feeling.

Dan and Nate have made something that’s creative, something that may not be for everyone, considering the overall sound is not as popular as it once was, but even then Stay shows just how good it can be. It has some incredible rhythms and a superb lyrical approach, if you’re one that hasn’t really delved into the world of Synthwave music then you must!

You can check out Stay for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall