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looCcaM remixed reality in his 90s NY Hip-Hop meets Avant-Garde Sci-Fi sonics rap track, Trumpet of the Martians

If the spacey conviction in Legend Has It by Run the Jewels left you hooked, prepare to be ensnared all over again by the latest track, Trumpet of the Martians, from the cosmically urban innovator, looCcaM.

If someone asked Nas, Jay-Z or the Notorious B.I.G. to pour their 90s NY rap flavour into a Doctor Who soundtrack, the result would be as scintillatingly convictive as this Avant-Garde boom bap homage to futuristic poetics, which simultaneously unravels as a high-fire rebuke to neoliberal dogmatism.

Following the release of Trumpet of the Martians, the Buffalo, NY native will release his LP, Silence Exile Cunning, on October 19, which was innovatively crafted to synthesise beat culture with iconography which has previously had no place in the rap scene. Expect everything from electro-punk to hyper-pop to experimental poetry. In looCcaM, we believe.

Check out the radio edit of Trumpet of the Martians via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Casablanca the Gawd attacks systematic inequality in their dilligently façade-less single ‘Animosity’

Ahead of the release of their highly-anticipated forthcoming album, ‘Soon Before Winter’, Buffalo, NY-hailing Hip Hop artist Casablanca the Gawd released their façade-less gritty Hip Hop single ‘Animosity’.

The harrow of systematic inequality profoundly hits as Casablanca runs through their bars which take the gloss off the gangster lifestyle which far too many artists attempt to glamourise. With each syllable delivered, you’ll hear the vehemence towards the state of the socio-political climate which consistently leaves people unable to rise up from under-privilege.

It’s impossible not to find respect for Casablanca the Gawd and their tendency not to mask the pain which inspires their tracks with grandiosity or aggression. The raw emotion may not be easy to swallow, but the last thing the airwaves needs is another superficial sugared pill.

You can check out the official video to Animosity which dropped on November 4th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast