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Take a trip with The Jay Hill Band’s filthy feel-good Rock hit “Goin to California”

Take a trip with The Jay Hill Band’s sleazy new feat of Rock “Goin’ to California” which drips with Axl Rose-style cool and stamped the trailblazer’s signature sound on the airwaves with maximum impact.

Setting The Jay Hill Band leagues apart from any other up and coming artist in their genre is the energetic attitude and their distinctive brand of punchy feel-good-aural-filth. If you could imagine what Buckcherry’s tracks would sound like if they poured a little soul into the mix, you’ll get a good impression of what is waiting for you when you hit play.

You can check out the official video to Goin’ to California via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

King in The Belly – Behind: Filthy Rock & Roll

King in The Belly is an Aussie/Brazilian rock band like no other, their sonorously sweet sound is ablaze with contemporary pounding vision. Their style makes Buck Cherry sound squeaky clean. The band’s sound lusciously archaic with a strong Punk Rock undertone.

The vocalist’s natural lyrical ability goes lulls you into a false state of serenity before the track kicks in with a sneaky instrumental soaked verse. It starts out sounding like any other Shoegaze Indie Track.  I was set for 4 minutes of melancholy, nothing could prepare me for the gripping ensemble of chemistry King in The Belly cooked up; the pounding drum rolls, the heavy flow of the bass, and the effortless command of the guitar combined with some 90’s grunge angsty lyrics.

Even before the instrumental riff exploded I’d already added this band to my Alternative Rock playlist. Their debut album is due out early next year, I already know that’s not a sound that I want to miss out on.

Check out Behind on Spotify using the link below:

Head on over to King in The Belly’s Facebook page to tell them how awesome they are.

Sunset Rumble – I Wish I Was: A Resurgence of Vintage Rock & Soul

No Soul Rock & Roll band could claim to be so without having earth shattering guitar riffs and solo’s within their songs. Sunset Rumble certainly do not disappoint with their latest debut track I Wish I Was. They have a dramatic sound, not too dissimilar from Buck Cherry minus the expletives. Their style is charismatically melodic, there’s no harsh drama, just an indulgence in the sweet acoustic sound of Rock combined with ubiquitous soul.

It’s impossible not to be moved by their music, their latest track in particular. Whether you shed a tear, or get high on the taste of illustrative euphoria their sound has definitely found a special place in my heart. Whilst they are influenced by acts such as Bob Seger, South Side Johnny & Bad Company, they take their music in their own direction and their own experiences from growing up in Holland, Michigan, US.

I Wish I was is playful, yet humbling. The talented quartet of musicians each have a myriad of experience and knowledge behind them, which all together provide a seamless sound that you can’t help but get mixed up in.

Check out the highly recommended debut single via Reverb Nation using the link below: