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Jay Activist led the soul revolution with his hip hop single, Problems, ft. BTF Nate

Glossing his smooth-with-soul rap bars over acoustic guitar strings and acoustic percussion in place of the usual 808s, Jay Activist’s latest single, Problems, featuring BTF Nate, is a revolution in soul.

While romanticism can’t realistically abstract people from all of their problems, it is blissful to live that fantasy and see Jay Activist expose his determination to better the lives of the people that surround him. This sticky sweet yet sleek track puts weight behind the 20-year-old rapper’s claim that he’s the breath of fresh air that the rap scene needs.

The Atlanta-based luminary that pulls on his Caribbean roots always delivers his lyrics straight from the heart instead of pulling from the lost and found box of cliché rap tropes. We can’t wait to hear what the affable originator pulls out of the pipeline next.

Check out the official music video to Problems on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast