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Dutch singer Bryan Montero rolls in with self-reflective ‘The Last’

Bryan Montero is a left handed singer-songwriter from The Netherlands who returns with his new release called ‘The Last‘.

You swear that this is the last time you get hurt from a relationship and then it happens again. You are now in a trap and just have to get out. This song is all about the journey to make sure that you value yourself from now on and not to carry these scars on. Is this way to make sure that you are free?

There are lots of passionate lyrics here from Bryan Montero’s ‘The Last‘ and the whole sound is on fantastic indie pop that tags at your heart strings. You feel sad for the singer as he has been hurt again but know that he will grow from this experience. This is a beautiful song that is one of the more memorable tracks of the year. This is an artist with soul.

Click here to hear this wonderfully vibrant single of YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen