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SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Aisyah – The Way You Make Me Feel

Brunei-based alt-RnB artist, Aisyah, has been on our radar since the release of her seminal 2021 single, Slow Down. With her latest release, The Way You Make Me Feel, her sound resounds with even more cinematic emotion and brevity.

The Way You Make Me Feel was released on September 3rd; it was written to celebrate the desire and intimacy that transpires when we find someone on our wavelength and create deep and meaningful connections. The single itself is just as touching as the sentiment; with the smooth pace, ambient textures and hypnotic vocals, you’re almost lulled into a dreamlike state as the single unravels.

Her sound may carry an old school sense of soul, but Aisyah’s sound is distinctively leagues apart from other artists experimenting in the realms of alternative RnB. In addition to creating her own music, Aisyah came away from Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Productions studio with a discernible talent in creating an absorbing aural Mise-en-scène. She also became the first Bruneian artist to work in the American film music industry.

After working on Walt Disney’s Christopher Robin, Netflix’s Daybreak, and Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, Aisyah turned to her solo career. She wrote her debut single for James Abrams’ short film, ‘Walls’. In 2021 she moved back to her hometown to expand her reach in the Southeast Asian music industry and beyond. Judging by the success of her 2021 releases, it is safe to say that she is succeeding.

The Way You Make Me Feel is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Aisyah sets the pace with her RnB pop single, Slow Down (Remix), featuring Pisces Kid and Zalelo.

For her latest release Bruneian singer-songwriter and producer Aisyah reworked her absorbing contemporary RnB pop track, ‘Slow Down’; in doing so, she ironically made us fall even more in love with the single.

The original release was a stunning feat of RnB pop which showcased Aisyah’s harmonic vocals against Pisces Kid’s irresistibly smooth vocal timbre as the two vocalists contended with romantic hesitancy. The remix introduces female vocalist, Zalelo, who acts as the proverbial devil on the shoulder, leading the narrative into one which mimics the conflict that is often fought when making romantic decisions.

While many artists use their tracks to boast how head over heels in love they are, Aisyah takes a more meditative approach to affection. Her hesitancy draws realism into the release but it never detracts from the affection.

It’s a stunning track that has left us assured that big things await Aisyah as she takes a step back from the film music industry, where she worked for Netflix, Marvel and Disney and became the first Bruneian to break into the American film industry.

Slow Down (Remix) officially released on April 30th. You will be able to check it out for yourselves via Spotify.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast