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The Out Seer worries that the positive vibes have evaporated forever on, ‘Good Feelings’

Ab Initio by The Out Seer

Taken off their 4-track release named ‘Ab Initio‘ and featuring excellent vocals with some terrific solos, The Out Seer are at their best with a new song all about wondering why being happy is so hard these days on, ‘Good Feelings‘.

Formed by their guitarist Ashley Pearce aka Pearcie, The Out Seer is a Vancouver, British Columbia-based 4-piece indie-rock band that makes a deliciously memorable type of riff-packed music to dance with.

They are an active and educated group of young musicians, each carrying a diploma from Selkirk College’s Contemporary Music & Technology Program.” ~ The Out Seer

The Out Seer are the type of band that you tell all your mates about as you plan the evening’s adventures while making a stop at the local rock venue. Their music is rather ear-warming as you might need a second listen, to truly get inside their superb style that draws you in as all the great bands do.

Good Feelings‘ from Vancouver, British Columbia-based indie-rock outfit The Out Seer is one of the catchiest (in a good way) tracks you might dare to listen to this year. With a scintillatingly skilful lead singer, powerful guitars and lyrical honesty that is rather rare these days, this is a new single to be totally enthused by. This is rock music at its most exciting in the underground, as we are swept in by a song that might be caught in your mind for ages as you hum this tune in joyous unison.

Hear this tremendous new single on Bandcamp and see more news via their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sir, Can You Help Me: EDM Ace Gordon drops intriguing Phil Collins cover on ‘Another Day In Paradise’

Bringing us his enthralling EDM cover of the legendary English singer-songwriter Phil Collins track called ‘Another Day In Paradise‘, Ace Gordon shows us his production chops with his own version of this classic single to give a sterling tribute to the all-time great on ‘Another Day In Paradise‘.

Ace Gordon is a skillful British Columbia, Canada-based electronic artist who has vast experience as he was formally in the punk rock world, before moving towards his bouncy EDM style. He makes a terrifically styled blend of music that is packed full of intricate webs of quality soundscapes.

I have been a musical artist for 25 years, originally starting with Punk Rock music and moving to Electronic in 2020.” ~ Ace Gordon

Another Day In Paradise‘ from the experienced British Columbia, Canada EDM artist Ace Gordon, is a pure and peaceful cover from a really memorable track which still gets so many spins all over the globe. He keeps the vocals nice and crisp whilst adding in his own tasty mixture – on this gem of a song that certainly has you thinking back to the past – when lyricism was way more appreciated than it is now.

This is a quality tribute from a well-respected electronic artist who shows much love to the monumental Phil Collins track from 1989.

Hear this new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Can Take A Bite: Prodigious Vancouver-based singer Sofia Evangelina shows so much bravery on the astonishingly exceptional ‘Endure’

With a powerfully elegant vocal ability that might cause your heart to pulsate a bit quicker than before, Sofia Evangelina fights through the darkly-lit carnage with a new single that will have you shaking with admiration on ‘Endure‘.

Sofia Evangelina is a fully focused, multi-award-winning, teen indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter and actress from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She makes that inspiring music, with a superb presentation, that has a real message and is combined with crisp production and stunning vocals.

This is the heroic message about staying strong no matter what, as you need to have the courage to face life-altering moments that scare you, hurt you, and make you question who you are inside. The fight to dig yourself out of those dreadful circumstances will harden you up and make you a true survivor, who will never (ever) let anyone claw at you undesirably again and take your glowing shine away.

You feel her spirit getting stronger as her stunning song goes deeper in – her tremendous story is so striking and has your breath taken away for a few moments – as you get lost with her, you close your eyes to fully understand her story of taking on the horrible beasts and succeeding like a valorous Lioness.

Endure‘ from the outstanding and highly-motivated Vancouver-based RnB/pop artist Sofia Evangelina, is one of the best vocal performances of the year so far, as she sings with such fight and desire. The wolves may have circled her before but she made it out stronger – and brings us a truly glorious song that should inspire us all to reach our dreams – no matter what or who is biting at us. The scars will heal, if you want to win enough.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more of her stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rebuild From The Rubble: UK-born rapper Max Thomson never gives up on finding his tribe with ‘I Wonder’ (feat. Brittney Barber)

As he diligently searches to find the optimal transmission of someone who thinks like he does, Max Thomson returns with lighter in hand, on a sensational song that should be stuck in your mind for weeks on end called ‘I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber).

Max Thomson is a supremely skilled UK-born, British Columbia-based emcee, producer and singer, who fuses that truthful music into one melting pot of self-discovery. He seems to improve after each track released and gives the lucky listener a real perspective — that is definitely needed into this quick-swipe world — which needs to slow down for its own long-term good.

This is the incredible message of keeping the faith burning no matter what, when it could of been easier to give up and forget about everything. In this savage world, there are many obstacles to climb and you might slip sometimes. Getting up and doing what feels right, is the only way to really being happy inside the deepest and most important part of your soul.

She sings with the wind blowing into her long hair, the genuine passion is so visible from her striking eyes which piece through into your eager mind, that hungrily seeks something more meaningful than the usual.

His raps are breathtakingly honest, with quick-fire verses about hiding the nerves under the surface and almost giving in — as he builds up steam and shows his inner strength, to closely follow his manifested dreams to where they are meant to fly — so high into the star-lit sky above.

I Wonder(feat. Brittney Barber) from the soulful Canada-based hip-hop artist, producer and singer Max Thomson, is the song you needed to hear in 2021. This underrated artist brings us a quality track that shows us that two souls who feel the same can be united as one. Their energies spark wonderfully like a lighter that has just refueled, as the fire burns bright on this excellent creation, that needs to be heard far and wide. Never give up, someone will always be listening.

Stream this new video on YouTube and check out Max’s IG for more tracks and adventures.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen