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The Sign of Leo releases single The Global Fight

Netherlands-based band The Sign of Leo have dropped their latest piece ‘The Global Fight’, infusing that Indie Rock sound pulling sounds from the 70’s and 80’s Rock scene, to create this catchy piece.

Starting off with that powerful hum that ends abruptly, as the strings collide together on the electric guitar and the heavy tap on the drum begins to seep through. Whilst having that synthesized keyboard sound that gives it that 80’s sound.

Adding in the upbeat clash of the tambourine that plays in the distance, alongside the heavy riffs on the guitar as the instrumentals have their time to shine, going back and forth with the heavy sound to the more synthesized essence.

The vocals have that raucous tone to them, making sure that they’re loud and high-pitched so that they manage to power through the instrumentals, as the rhythm does tend to overtake the vocals in terms of pitch and pace. But everything comes together in an impressive way, it all flows and is in tune with one another. Always keeping the volume loud to give it that real Rock sound.

Check out The Sign of Leo’s single The Global FIght by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


‘Silver’ by 8udDha bL0od:  Tripping The Light Fantastic – emphasis on tripping!

8udDha bL0od’s new release ‘Silver’ packs some serious punch. It’s a short track, coming in at just 2.05, but it is a pleasurable, harmonious petit four that you just can’t get enough of. Like early Brian Wilson, 8udDha bL0od is adventurous and groundbreaking in their approach to harmony and electronic manipulation. Their expert musicality cannot be denied and they do what all great bands do – they confidently understate  their genius by laying back on the track and timing their crescendos perfectly, coaxing the listener, lulling them like psychedelic pied pipers, with hypnotic flowing guitar licks and mellow, close harmonies.

William Orpen is the mastermind behind 8udDha bL0od and he shrouded in mystery. I like it!

The music is everything and ego has been minimised to an admirable degree. We get to focus on the story, the motives, and the way that it is all pulled together, and its done with a skill that uses the best of the past to inspire the generations to come.

Have a listen to this cool track by 8udDha bL0od called ‘Silver’ on Soundcloud. You’re gonna love where they take you and you may never want to back!

Review by Susan Harriott