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Burn It Down: Zaeus shows us deep inside to where many hide from ‘In Flames’ (feat. Faye)

With the first single from the upcoming ‘Be Still‘ album, Zaeus raises temperatures to full with the terrifically stellar ‘In Flames’ (feat. Faye).

Zaeus is a breathtakingly intriguing Washington D.C. downtempo electronica/trip-hop music collaboration that breaks all the rules with an ear-bending experience that shakes your perspective and has you gazing deeply outside, to see what the world is coming to.

”A life journey and the themes many of us share: romance, anger, addiction, passion, survival, and spirituality.” – Zaeus

With heart-grabbing vocals that feel so haunting, the beat and visuals make you sweaty as they are so real and invoke that survival mentality. You feel every sinew of this effort as you look within your moral fiber as to see how you feel about everything — as you put your mask on to protect yourself from the dust and smoke of the world — that is slowly healing up to be stronger again, or so we hope.

In Flames‘ (feat. Faye) from Washington D.C-based act Zaeus, heats up the speakers as you look deeper into what carnage is going on planet earth. With tensions still on high alert and common sense rare to find, this is an excellent song that shows you what is really going on outside, in this steaming planet that needs a lot of calming energy to cool everything down.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen