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Maybe Its Me: New York pop-punk artist NB knows that the time to leave is now on ‘Breaking Bad’

As he fondly remembers when things were spark-filled and the caring love was so breathtaking, NB reflects on how that time has now passed by and its probably time to move away from this town as their memory makes him so sad on ‘Breaking Bad‘.

NB is a New York City-based indie pop-punk solo musician. He brings the fire on each track he makes and fuses that electric energy, to leave audiences enthralled with his vivid storytelling.

Filled with pain, broken hearts and non-justify love, his music is for sure something you would relate too.” ~ NB

His potent vocals flow through the broken window that was once looking so pretty, as the love drifted out unexpectedly and only brought in air of regret – with that heart-sore sadness – that needs to be replaced quickly.

The hauntingly familiar story floats vividly into your mind, as you wonder why the love faded so quickly on this sad breakup story. The powerfully-struck energy shows so much regret and is performed with such outstanding heart all the way through.

Breaking Bad‘ from the New York City-based solo indie pop-punk artist NB, shows us a talented soul who is feeling rather reflective after thinking back to this recent relationship. This is the striking moment when you hoped that they would come back, but instead moved on to someone else and this shatters your heart into two broken pieces.

Hear this fresh new track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen