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Charmingthesinger sings about his love ‘’Brandy’’ in feature single

This multi-talented artist- Vocalist, Songwriter, Jingle Writer, Producer, Engineer, Musician, and Composer developed a passion to produce music and write at an early age of 8. He has clearly matured from there and makes really inspiring music now.

The latest single is called ‘’Brandy’’. It’s a very slow, chilled and to the point song. He likes love and brandy. In that order. ‘’Brandy’’ is taken from his debut EP from 2020 called ‘’Special Features’’. It’s 8 minutes long and is a clever way to make a debut. 

‘’Charmingthesinger’’ shows lots of promise on this EP and he has already worked with a few top artists who clearly love his work. With more time to  hone his craft, we could be witnessing a massive star in the making here. Tune in now while it’s all quite new & enjoy this talent.

Listen to more of this soothing music here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lauren McClinton – Anatomy: R&B Soaked in Synthetic Melody

Anatomy is the brand new single from the talented R&B and Soul artist Lauren McClinton.

Fresh from the success of her debut single Lauren has created yet another charismatically charming track steeped with evocative emotion & raw talent. The US based singer, song writer and instrumentalist takes a wholesome reproach to her music which she infuses with contemporary sound. Yet despite her devout roots she creates a sound that you don’t have to be Godfearing to enjoy. I’m always sceptical when it comes to listening to religious musicians. But McClinton sets the standard when it comes to evangelical sound and creates the perfect melody over a deeply resonant sound.

In parts the effects are a little heavy that dampens the unique styling of her voice, I’d love to hear a more acoustic track from the talented artist, but her new single is going down a storm and has even managed to gain some radio time with 102.1. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented R&B artist.

In her humble nature Lauren loves checking in with her fans, so make sure you check her out on Facebook: