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Working Class Hussys bring us trucker tough rock with ‘DNA’

Working Class Hussys bring us trucker tough rock with the new single ‘DNA‘.

Central New Jersey’s Working Class Hussys are an Americana-rock band that fuses roots music into their style. Led by multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ian Patrick Gentles, the band puts Southern Trucker tough Heartland, and Alt-Rock influences that are all intertwined into the sound.

Hook-heavy and with a extra kick in the soul, this is a song that is a joyful listen with layers of lovely music. This is an indie journey through the galaxy. This is a real sound, this is a rocket-ship that simmers through the speakers, the vocals are strong and clear.

Working Class Hussys rock in with their single ‘DNA‘ and the Central New Jersey band are an act to give an extra listen. The USA outfit have a solid sound and bring through their new single to positive acclaim. This is a band that are creative and have a sound that is missed due to venues closing or not having gigs. This is what they love doing, playing live and rocking the crowd. Luckily we have a single release to wet our appetites.

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Rinor drops fab EDM jam ‘You Got Me Down’ that will get you off your feet

Rinor drops fab modern club EDM jam ‘You Got Me Down‘ that will get you off your feet and dance the night away. This is that golden sound that comes around elegantly when you least expect it.

After an intensive creative process, founding his own label. After his summer tour in Croatia was postponed, Rinor focused on the upcoming album a mix of several genres, with artists from Los Angeles, Sweden and Sydney in Australia. With a global team of artists all contributing to make a worldly sound, this is an International standard effort.

You Got Me Down‘ is a night time cruise blend of goodness, all wrapped up in a classy style that is sure to pick up many new fans. This is a familiar beat that has been re-invented, you feel happy while listening to this and are all warm inside. The visuals are fantastic and this will be a song that is played all over the world. The quality is just too good and glistening little bit of extra bounce, only makes this is a pleasurable listen.

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UK online collaboration The Ruby Tears drop (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?

(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding? by The Ruby Tears

The Ruby Tears drop a true throwback with their truthful (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding

Born from the weirdness of 2020. To date, The Ruby Tears has been an entirely online collaboration between Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Jeff Skellon. These two form a terrific team and this is a delightful offering that reminds you of the good days. This is real music, made with that extra bit of time that is quite rare.

This is about walking through the world and thinking about all this crazy things going on. Is all hope lost or can we be better as humanity. Made with that authentic feel, this new gem has two legendary musicians in grand form with a blend of rock that is a blessing during these wild times in the world.

From the The Bloody Marys and Lalabambam days, John and Jeff have a skill like very few around, the vocals are soaked in truths learnt on the open road and at various music venues all over. The gritty story is a pleasure to the ears and soul. This is that music to play for the whole family. This is that type of song to play on the weekend as this is reflective.

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German band Sombrerobeach sing with love of better days on ‘Christmas Will Be Different’

German band Sombrerobeach are back with their new single called ‘Christmas Will Be Different‘ and this is a reflective song about that special day for so many in the world. 2020 will be different but we can all be kind anyway.

This exciting Indie studio music project are based in Germany. Their unique name comes from one of their favourite beaches in the beautiful Florida Keys and their music sounds allow their fans to feel good, relax and chill out while listening. This is that mellow music for the whole family to enjoy. This is that music that everyone in the family can enjoy, from young and old.

The awesome band Sombrerobeach impress us on ‘Christmas Will Be Different‘ and this is a love story about this day that won’t be the same this year. We can instead hope that 2021 brings some normal life again. This is a lovely track that brings the heart some warmth as this is a song made with care.

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Tyler Hunt sends us the perfect disco-house dazzler with ‘Steal Our Love’

Tyler Hunt sends us the perfect disco-house dazzler with ‘Steal Our Love‘.

Tyler Hunt is a pop artist who’s first internet success on something completely unrelated to music, his Halloween channel, HTJ halloween, spawned a music career that is gaining more and more momentum as we speak. The vocals are effortless and smooth with a beat that is so splendid that you dust off your old party shoes. Those smart ones that make you slide.

This is a singer-songwriter who is making music on his laptop, putting his ideas into action. With a lot of artists awaiting the studios to open up again during this horrible pandemic, Tyler is instead ahead of the hungry pack, his focus can go on getting big festivals instead of recordings when things get back to normal.

Steal Our Love‘ from Tyler Hunt is a scrumptious mix of electro-pop pureness and this is a song to dance to. All night long.

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‘Summertime Love’ is a heat-filled passionate new single from Michael Vincent

Michael Vincent is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from New York City and he returns with his new single ‘Summertime Love‘.

The City that never seems to sleep, New York. Michael is always thinking and dreaming in sound, melody, and lyrics. He had his first violin lesson at the age of six and got into the music scene from there. The bug bit and has never let go. After learning the guitar, and was involved in orchestra, jazz ensemble, several rock bands, and song writing. From there it was piano, drums, ukeleke, and he learned to sing. With such a passion to learn all these incredible instruments, you can tell that he wants to be the best he can be.

With a pure voice that captures your attention like a new crisp camera lens, Michael Vincent is in top form with the summer classic that we have been blessed with. There are clicking of the fingers here, the vocals are smooth and the beat reminds you of the beach, being with good friends and enjoying ‘Summertime Love‘. This is a house-covered tasty treat for our hungry ears who will consume this with a smile on your face. This is the type of song that gets you in a mood with dancing and be happy, forgetting all your worries.

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Milena Estelle sends love kisses to her crush on ‘You & I’

Milena Estelle sings with such sweet energy on her sexy new R&B laced single ‘You & I‘.

Milena is a singer, performer and music tutor from Heidelberg in Germany. She was educated in London, England and this experience behind the mic is for all to see.

You want to be with your crush so badly. You can’t stop thinking about this love and how it makes you feel. This is all you want and you will do anything you can to make it happen. This is true love all the way, you can feel it in your fingers and you can feel it in your bones.

Milena Estelle has been playing music for many years and her variety in different genres is for all to see. She discovered her first own musical style when she started rearranging Pop songs into Modern Jazz. She released her first album in 2018 which has been the start of constant music releases. German Pop/R’n’B Single ‘Der Weg’ in 2019 was a big success. One year later she released a Cinematic/Alt/Pop song called ‘Free‘ which backs up this fine music discography.

You & I‘ from Milena Estelle is a wonderful song with gorgeous lyrics and such stunning vocals.

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The Browncoats rock in with the fun single ‘Katyusha’

The Browncoats are back with ‘Katyusha‘ and this is taken off their brand new EP called ‘Drunk‘.

Though the band have just released a new EP last fall, The Browncoats haven’t done any real touring since 2010. Most of their performance and hard copy CD sales were from the Comic Book Convention world during that time anyway.

Since then, their new song ‘Katyusha‘ (rendition of an old Russian folk song which was not particularly popular in that convention/nerd-rock world) has taken on a life of its own online with over 500,000 streams on Spotify. With such a fantastic reaction to this huge success, they feel like this is their time to become more well-known.

The bands goal for 2021 is to capitalize on that success and gain momentum enough to tour at regular music venues instead of Conventions. Then after that, the aim is to catch the ear of a decent record company that would be willing to help the band capitalize on this momentum.

Katyusha‘ is a fun song that is designed for those late nights the underrated The Browncoats. This can be turned up real loud and enjoyed with all the friends and new friends. The energy is alive and lots of fun is to be had here.

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Here is the Facebook page link.

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‘Bird’ is a touching self-shot video from William Rouached

French singer-songwriter William Rouached returns with the fine new single ‘Bird‘.

William challenged himself to take a single shot everyday during a couple of months in order to practice his video skills and create this beautiful video using his BlackBerry KeyOne phone . The results are very impressive, as you can see that this was made with love as the video shots were taken around France and Germany.

When making this song ‘Bird’, William felt that these shots depicted particularly well with the emotions he was trying to convey through the song. I agree with this as the video is beautifully made with care and to show the stunning towns too.

This is a lovely song full of heart by William Rouached on ‘Bird‘. He has flown in with a song of pure art.

Stream here for this fine new song on YouTube.

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Indianapolis band Fifth Lucky Dragon stroll in with entertaining ‘Timeline’

Alt-Pop with cinematic sauce on the side is the style here from Fifth Lucky Dragon on their new song ‘Timeline‘.

In a climate of ruthless competition for our attention, the stakes for each of us individually to create have never been higher. It is infinitely easier to passively consume than it is to actively create. Observation, reflection, and the generation of new thoughts are inherently wrapped in the creative process which faces troubling erosion among current and future generations. The music of Fifth Lucky Dragon is informed by these realities. Through lyrical integrity and sonic innovation, Fifth Lucky Dragon hopes to deliver music that resonates beyond the songs themselves.

The beat shines through a door that has been locked up for many years. I haven’t heard music like this before. ‘Timeline‘ is an intriguing song from the dance-pop 3 piece group that are certainly very creative with their beats. I do feel like dancing here and get the feeling that this song is about relationships. You were in one but feel like the person is better off without you. The feeling of being alone is too real right now.

Fifth Lucky Dragon from ‘Timeline‘ is a fun ride and we are lucky to listen to this. This is a wild ride into the new school.

Stream here on Spotify.

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