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All in the Nothing – Better This Way: A Debut Any Fans of the Cure Need to Listen To

Better This Way” is the mesmerising debut single from Indie artist All in the Nothing. Hit play and prepare for a flood of synthy 80s nostalgia complete with a smorgasbord of contemporary appeal.

You’ll find nuances of The Cure, Bowie and The Midnight, but in its essence, Better This Way is an organically expressive single which is all too easy to slip into and appreciate the ingenuity alongside the visceral undiluted romanticism. It’s laden with lovelorn melancholy, but it won’t fail to hit the evocative spot and leave your soul suitably appeased.

We’re already stoked to hear what’s in the pipeline from All in the Nothing, We’d suggest you get them on your radar too.

You can check out Better This Way via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


8udDha bl0od – 17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r

There will never be another underground UK artist who will blow us away with their versatility the way in which Brighton-based Alternative artist 8udDha bl0od has.

Their aurally chameleonic releases share just a handful of commonalities. If we had to allude to the most tangible, we’d have to pick the kaleidoscopically mellifluous layers of Psych and their tendency to let their creative expression take the lead.

17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r is one of 8udDha bl0od’s earlier releases which incorporates nuances of Funk and Sleaze Rock, Art Rock and Blues. You’ll pick up influences from Black Sabbath, Radiohead and even Bowie in the progressively magnetic soundscape. I think it’s safe to say that no artist has ever pulled off an influential infusion quite like that before.

You can check out 17’ll N3<3r 83 0<3r along with the artist’s latest releases for yourselves via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Tenderhooks Release Quirky Track ‘Yolena’

What you think Tenderhooks are all about depends on which thread you pick up on first. Pick up on their lyrical content and you will find the same strange characters that Ian Dury or perhaps Madness peopled their songs with, pick up on the back beats and you find a soulful Ray Charles vibe. The weird-pop quirk, which runs through the song, is pure Bowie and the strange New Wave edge is very talking Heads. It is pop heading into rock; quirky rhythm and blues doing a spot of Avant Gardening and the ghost of any number of Bonzo Dog Band members haunt the hidden corners of the song.

Normally journalists have a hard time finding a label for a band because it doesn’t sit that easily in existing genres. Tenderhooks present a different dilemma as they appear to spend some time in almost every genre you can think of and make up a few of their own along the way!