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Young and Broke: Sweetly voiced Swedish singer Baeli remembers those exciting times when her heart fluttered on ‘Both Of Us’

Reminiscing about a highly memorable time when she was totally happy inside her blood-filled veins, Baeli recalls those amazing memories that she misses so much on ‘Both Of Us‘.

Linnéa Bäcklund aka Baeli, is a promising indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who is based in peaceful Sweden. She makes that delightful music that is such a sensational listen, and you feel so calm after embracing her natural soundscape.

Her stunning voice is so clear and fresh, each word is sung with such class and elegance wrapped inside it like a beautiful bow. You feel her beating heart opening up as she tells us this tragic story of a once-strong love, that has sadly vanished into the lost woods of life. This is a marvelous musician with so much to give, her breathless energy seems so effortless and so genuine in nature.

Both Of Us‘ from the emerging Swedish indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer Baeli, shows us a past time when you fell in love like two cute little birds who flew into the sky together as one. Sadly it didn’t work out and now you are stuck in your nest wondering what went wrong, your mind ablaze with the picture of their smile so close to yours.

In life you know you need to move on but just can’t sometimes, your memories are still fresh and hope you can meet again to spark that fire deep inside you. The heart knows what it wants after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen