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Bond and connect: Boorook heals all wounds with ‘Mother Earth’

Taken off the latest soul-healing album called ‘Positive Change‘, Boorook is majestically brilliant on the peaceful new single promoting love and harmony to protect ‘Mother Earth‘.

Boorook is a proudly Aboriginal Australian musician from Kirrae Whurrung Nation Boorook Gunditj Clan, who makes that culturally enhancing genre-crossover music, to teach others about his identity and to help his brothers and sisters prosper, through these deeply heart-hugging soundscapes of peace.

With varying elements of indigenous rap, r&b, and soulful electro-pop, there is so much to immerse yourself into here, as the music takes you to places you thought were unfathomable before.

The uplifting energy force fields cuts away at all preconceived notions and brings you a peaceful track, with the sole aim of unifying the world, so we can all live the way we should. His voice is so enlightening and with the birds flying in the background, you feel like getting away from the city and being at one with the earth again, away from the stresses of modern day life.

Mother Earth‘ from Aboriginal musician Boorook, is a piece of cultural protection from a man who is acutely aware that he needs to teach others about his ancestor’s heritage, so that he can keep the roots alive forever through music.

He sings with that inner desire and the intentions are pure, his voice seeps into your mind and the effortless nature makes this a perfect pathway for us to bond and connect through this beautiful music.

Hear this stunning piece of art via Spotify and find out more about his culture on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen