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Gerry Liberty Releases New Single Boom Boom

Gerry Liberty is a new music artiste that hails from Bellville, South Africa, a music artist who really made sure that we all feel his presence in the industry by announcing his entrance with a reverberating boom shake sound.

We can finally say that the long wait is over for Gerry, after dropping out of school, staying employed today just to remain unemployed the next day, and making the decision to focus more on his music career for a long time. Finally, Gerry seems to have found the music breakthrough he’s been earnestly hoping to witness over a long period of time.

This can be vividly seen from the quality of work he’s put into his epic debut song “BOOM BOOM”. I can’t help but appreciate him for putting much work in this his new song.

Being the first debut single from his new album that he’s still yet to release around February 2018, I can honestly affirm to the fact that “Boom Boom” is an awesome song that’s well-structured with every level of professionalism.

Gerry Liberty is a pop singer and a songwriter who’s really committed to bringing back that eccentric ambience that comes along with a jolly good melody of an old school song. This artist may look like a beach-bum, but he sure sounds like the offspring of Leadbelly.

‘Boom Boom’ is a certified party starter, It’s also a song that’s got a strong influence from the 80’s. This alone helped to shape the feel of a good hit you’ll experience when you listen to the song.

The pitch and the tempo of the song is appealing. The lyrics of this song are quite simple and well placed. I also love the fact that the song is very easy to sing along to.

Overall, this is an amazing cool song that comes with the sound of those old school songs from the 80’s.

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