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Blue Mesa releases Straight Through Me

Denver-based quartet Blue Mesa has recently released their single ‘Straight Through Me’. The Alternative Rock band have created something special here.

Within the first few seconds, you’re instantly hooked as you listen to each pluck on the strings of the guitar, each tap on the drum and the melodic high-pitched vocals. Giving the loudness and that Alternative Rock element through the high energy and upbeat instrumentation, as the clashing of each instrument gives off this lively atmosphere.

The electrifying riffs on the electric guitar and the way each instrument collides together perfectly with the vocal ranges and keeping that same slow pace for the first few seconds to amping up the volume and kicking off with that manic melody as well as the tone of voice beginning to get higher and giving of that right amount of edginess and mystery that this band encounter.

Another energetic, female-fronted rock band that are sure to be on your playlist, if they are not already.

Check out Blue Mesa Straight Through Me by heading on over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall