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Did I Mess Up: Exciting Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds truly hates the image in his head on ‘Crazy Dreams’

As he wishes that they would still be together and not on that dreaded break, Blonds feels like his hopefully-not-former lover has already moved onto someone else and he can’t shake this horrible feeling off any longer with these ‘Crazy Dreams‘.

Luciano Thomas aka Blonds, is a Long Beach, California-based indie pop/punk artist. Featuring touring members Nick Rangel, Hugo Hernandez, Marc Encabo, they form a dynamic team that makes that easy-on-the-ear vibe that has you feeling alive inside.

Passionate about guitar, mental health, and making good pop music.” ~ Blonds

This is the articulate picture that so many have painted – you are wildly in love and then something changes so quickly – as you wonder what happened and lay in bed so down about it all. Your relationship is in tatters and you can’t stop wondering if someone else is in your bed, while you try and forget about those wild dreams that are annoyingly keeping you up late at night.

There is much to like here on an action-infused single with a catchy riff and energy aplenty at every turn – as you admire the gusto and lyrics which are sadly familiar – in this world of click-quick and swipe right or left.

His recent releases have been very guitar driven, rock influenced, genre bending pop songs, sometimes tackling social issues. Prior to this current trend, Blonds released more chilled self reflective electronic pop songs.” ~ Blonds

Crazy Dreams‘ from the fast rising Long Beach pop/punk band Blonds, is that true story about knowing that you need to trust your gut about what is unfolding before your eyes. Your love towards your partner hasn’t waned and you still desire this sweet love, as you wonder if everything will be the same. Sung with a passionate energy – this is a dance-heavy track full of that world class style – which makes this one of the more exciting indie bands out there currently.

Check out this brand new single on Spotify and see his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen