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Persepolis – No Pleasure Inside: It only takes Two

Persepolis are a French Progressive Alternative Rock band hailing from Mont-de-Marsan. Whilst their lyrics are in English, their styling is delectably European. They command a certain je nes sais quoi in their sound. The drummer and vocalist utilises deep ratting drumbeats as an under tone to their delectably light riffs whilst projecting emotionally charged vocals.

The band members Milo Dumartin and Robin Jourdan may just be the best alternative rock duo since The White Stripes. They have a wonderfully melancholic sound that’s highly resonant. The band count Radiohead & The Smashing Pumpkins as their top musical influences, they’ve adopted their pensive style along with more upbeat indie acts such as The Hives, BLOC Party and the Arctic Monkeys. They subtly infuse the Indie Grunge harmonies into their music to create a mellifluous sound which draws you by the violent rage of the guitars.

No Pleasure Inside is just one of the tracks off their debut album Sixty Miles An Hour which is available to download or purchase via Bandcamp.

Check out the official No Pleasures Inside video on Youtube using the link below!

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A&R Factory Present: Live//Learn

Inspired by the indie-pop of yesteryear and the dark warehouse sounds of 3am techno, Bedfordshire based Live//Learn form an exciting, innovative 4 piece, bringing a new breed of alternative music.

‘Ego’ is an eclectic mixture of indie pop riffs and moody vocals. Think early Bloc Party but darker.

Live//Learn are Joe Savage – Vocals, Andrew Bottazzi – Guitar, Alex Gallichan – Bass and Conor Sellick – Drums

‘Ego’ is part of a forthcoming Mixtape which will be released in June this year.

Live//Learn  are ones to watch out for in 2016 for sure, you heard them hear first 😉