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Bitvert – Deletist: A Techno-Punk Invocation of Resistance

Bitvert’s latest release, Deletist, is an off-kilter slice of pulse-pounding experimental electronica, crafted in the heart of East London’s artist quarter—where creativity thrives despite economic and political adversity.

The encapsulation of the struggle against a dysfunctional government and parasitic leaders embodies the spirit of liberation and defiance; the punk ethos charges the sequence of nocturnal electro, born through an amalgamation of spectral electronica, 4/4 techno beats and kinetic sub-bass frequencies.

The single’s release coincided with the new government’s election, yet it remains timely all the same, given the sense of nihilism and despair that remains pervasive in the UK’s collective psyche. Deletist serves as a bass-drenched techno resistance, a sonic uprising against the subjugation that has eroded hope and fuelled a belief in our epoch’s irreversible regression.

With punk’s spirit relegated to the shadows of the music industry, Bitvert ensures its essence endures through his frenetic rhythms that testify to the times, call for unity and vindicate through volition.

Deletist was released on the 4th of July via We Are Not Content; stream the single on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Meet the Einstein of IDM in Bitvert’s latest soundscape, wasted states

Wasted states by bitvert

Bitvert’s latest offering, ‘wasted states‘, is a testament to his profound understanding and innovative approach to electronica. Trained as a painter and skilled in music production, projection, 2D artwork, and visuals, Bitvert brings a unique perspective to his musical creations, evident in this captivating track.

‘wasted states’ draws listeners into a monochromatic techno landscape that is as dark and harbingering as it is transcendently liberating. Bitvert’s mastery in creating a soundscape that is both oppressive and enchanting is unparalleled. The backbeat, demanding and unyielding, forms the backbone of this auditory experience, compelling submission with its rhythmic magnetism.

As the instrumental progresses, haunting violin strings weave in, adding an exotic beguile that juxtaposes the track’s oppressive nature. This element of contrast is a reflection of Bitvert’s ability to allow his audience to profoundly feel what he visualises sonically.

Bitvert’s background in various artistic disciplines enriches his music, allowing him to create multi-dimensional experiences. His work with The Light Surgeons and performances at The Big Chill and Glastonbury Festival’s Gas Tower stage, as well as a groundbreaking VR set at The Lost Horizon Festival, showcase his versatility and commitment to pushing the boundaries of electronic music.

Wasted states was officially released on March 15; stream the single on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bitvert oscillated doom through his harbingering experimental deep bass track, Distress Signal

Bitvert’s experimental deep bass single ‘Distress Signal’ is an scintillating foray into the realm of underground electronica, seamlessly merging dark textures and tonalities with an omnipresent sense of impending doom. More than just a composition; it’s an experience, an auditory journey through the depths of electronic music’s more shadowy corridors.

Distress Signal starts the transmission with a harbingering sense of doom that is immediately palpable, it pulsates through the oscillating basslines that forge the spine of this musical beast. To evoke a primal response, enthralling and unsettling in equal measure, Bitvert bolstered the resonance in the bass which exhibits his reverence for the DIY ethos of punk.

The sharp cuts of the snares in Distress Signal add a layer of urgency to the track; they are meticulously crafted to cut through the deep bass, serving as a stark contrast that enhances the overall texture of the piece. This percussive element lends the track a glitchy trip-hop nuance, further diversifying the auditory palette.

When you hit play on the filmic, almost Lynchian ingenuity, you are more than a passive recipient of sound, you’re transported to a dark, brooding and intensely atmospheric realm. It’s an auditory odyssey that pushes the boundaries of electronic music and leaves a lasting impression.

Distress Signal will be transmitted on December 4th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

East London’s Bitvert returns with a heavy bass-packed 7-minute electronic speaker-shaker, ‘Leftover’

Leftover by bitvert

Catching us off guard with a really roaring track that magnifies the night in all its glory, Bitvert leads us down the darkly lit alleyway and into a world that might remind you of a venue you frequented in your youth on, ‘Leftover‘.

Bitvert is an underground music producer and artist who is based in East London, UK and makes slow-burning ethereal electronica that will jostle your core awake.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Civil Serpent was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub-bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.” ~ Rough Trade Records

With a robust display that further cements his cult status as one of those artists you certainly respect in this genre, Bitvert shows that the music is only getting better and scintillates with a powerful single that might thud hard like a big boot on your face.

Leftover‘ from East London, UK-based underground electronic music producer and artist Bitvert sends us a fuel-injected ride that is ready for us right now. There is a consistent bass on offer that rumbles through to the bottom of your soul and grabs you tightly with much intensity, to wipe away any previous self-doubts you had before. With an experienced skillset on offer that is obvious to hear, this is an assertive release that will get you dusting off those dance shoes that have been lonely for too long.

Listen up to this new song on Bandcamp and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RIP: Bitvert sends fitting tribute to a true legend on the 8-minute mind-bender ‘Residue’

Residue by bitvert

Slamming the bass down with expert effect as he brings us a track that has been dedicated to a true legend who has sadly been lost, Bitvert takes us into the proper underground to see what is left inside on ‘Residue‘.

Bitvert is a London, UK-based indie electronic music producer and live performer who makes a truly expert range of ear-sizzlers beyond comprehension for most that shall take you to a place back in time when the world wasn’t so broken.

This is a fine addition to our ravenous ears and is a fantastic track to say thanks to the Windsor, UK-based Andrew Weatherall, the British musician, DJ and record producer known for helming Primal Scream’s Screamadelica, who tragically passed away due to a fatal pulmonary embolism earlier in 2020.

This track is dedicated to Andrew Weatherall. Patron of the underground. Rest in beats.” ~ Bitvert

Residue‘ from the London, UK-based indie electronic music producer and live performer Bitvert, is a roaring track that is edged with that truly hardcore sound that is so rare these days. He missiles in with a swarming bounce that takes you into a whole new world, as the speakers shake in anticipation for the next move. This is a sumptuous effort that shall have your whole soul feeling rather intrigued – and filled with that vintage sounding feel – that is a glorious listen for all fans of this genre.

Hear this bass-tumping new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Time Is Soon: UK Electronic artist Bitvert gets his mind ready to conquer on ‘Nowism’

As he studiously works out his plan of action to do what he needs to do, Bitvert gets ready from just around the corner on his bass-heavy new electronic single that is ominously named ‘Nowism‘.

Bitvert is a well-known underground music producer and artist from East London, England. He makes that raw thumping soundscape that is late-night perfect for when you just need to take the edge off, and get all that frustrated energy out of your pulsating body.

Drawing on a DIY ethos of punk applied to nocturnal electronica and mechanical disruption, Civil Serpent was born in the warehouse subculture of East London, drawing together evil strands of pounding 4/4 techno, darkened electronic textures and stupendous sub bass frequencies that pull the head of the listener straight to the floor.” – Rough Trade Records

With a mysteriously fascinating hard nosed edge, this is a powerful song that sets the mood on the current climate in the UK, which is supremely unnerving to say the least. He layers up real warm and takes us for a fastidious journey to the outer reaches away from all the sinister cameras of the city – who watch and control – as he shows us where to start from instead.

Nowism‘ from the East London, England-based electronic music producer Bitvert, shows us a man who is on a well-thought out mission to get all his goals no matter what. He is looking away from the bright lights for now, but is on the right path and knows what to do. This is a fast-paced track with plenty of grit and desire, just like where he is from. Nothing can stop him from grabbing his elusive treasure.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Heavy Sound: Bitvert turns up the volume to impressive levels on ‘Bad Influencer’

With a deeply heart-stopping driving sound that has you thinking about all those fun days and nights at your favorite festival pre-covid, Bitvert has our alert minds in a terrific twist of brewing excitement with ‘Bad Influencer’.

Bitvert is an established DIY electronic music producer and live performer, who cleverly fuses through the underground soundscapes within, to bring us bass-thumping electronica and total ear-loving disruption, throughout this hair-lifting experience that has you feeling alive.

You close your eyes and imagine being all sweaty and damp with total excitement, your body sways with the vibe and you feel like you are alight with desire, edged hungrily into your eyes.

Bad Influencer’ from the supremely creative East London electronic producer Bitvert, shows us into the world from before, as we bounce up and down from the powerful bass that has you in absolute joy. This is a fast-paced song that is full on techno-filled, for your happy body to wrap tightly into.

Stream this top track on Soundcloud and see more visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen