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House of Asha broke through silence and stigma with her debut dream-pop single, Talk About It

With her diaphanous debut single, Talk About It, the alternative singer-songwriter, House of Asha, broke the silence and stigma which often stifles the conversation around mental health in South Asian communities.

It is one thing to be candid when there will be no negative consequence or connotation, it is quite another to defy culture to break the cycle of generational trauma. The mellifluous dream-pop synthetics are a sublime pairing for the harmonically poised bleeding vocals, which effortlessly coalesce with the shoegazey dream-pop layers that will leave your rhythmic pulses on a plateau while the lyricality leaves you grounded.

Talk About It is the first single to release from House of Asha’s debut LP; it set the bar for what is to come, although, our faith is well-placed in the elevated grace of the songstress who scores her melancholically demure tracks around influences from the likes of Imogen Heap, Billie Eilish, Hozier and Young the Giant.

You can check out the debut single, Talk About It, from House of Asha via SoundCloud or stream the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Hell hath no fury like YME scorned in her moody alt-electro pop hit, ENEMY

If you like your electro-pop dark, moody, and Avant-Garde, YME’s latest vindicating artful earworm, ENEMY, is a viciously hooked hit that will reel you in hook, line and scintillating sinker.

Never one to mince her lyrics, the Netherlands-based songstress who exudes the experimental spirituality of Bjork and a sense of conviction that leaves her in a hell hath no fury league of her own, is in the habit of cutting right to the core of vulnerable emotion and proving just how much power resides within the protagonists who wear their hearts on their sleeves. All too often, abusers mistake their ability to beat people down as a sign of strength; YME dispels that insipid myth with her highly originated demure style and candour.

ENEMY is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mayshe-Mayshe sung an ethereal art-pop lullaby in her latest bedroom pop single, Indigo

Ahead of the launch of her sophomore album, the Yorkshire bedroom pop artist and producer, Mayshe-Mayshe (Alice Rowan), has painted the airwaves in ‘Indigo’.

With a sense of spirituality in her artfully hushed choral vocals as they meet the dreamy art-pop melodies weaved on vintage synths and the skittish yet absorbingly organic percussion, the ethereal allure of Indigo shouldn’t be underestimated. Lyrically, Indigo inspires the listener into embracing the uncertainties of life and reminds them that there is always another side to exhaustion and ennui.

Indigo may be technically lo-fi, but Mayshe-Mayshe created a feat of indie dream pop that could easily rival Warpaint, Beach House and Deer Hunter. It comes as no surprise that many of her fans return to her anxiety-quashing sound time after time.

Mayshe-Mayshe’s album, Indigo, will release across all major streaming platforms on November the 11th. Indigo, the single, is now available to stream on Spotify and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Georgia Jones digs through ‘Ruins’ in her melancholically cold debut pop track

Contrasting the warm climate that she hails from, the 23-year-old Australian singer-songwriter, Georgia Jones, unleashed a sombrely cold serenade with her debut single, Ruins.

With a penchant for poetry and influences from Taylor Swift, Lorde, Bon Ivor and Billie Eilish, Georgia Jones found her signature somewhere in between her inspirational artists. From the bruisingly raw lyricism of Eilish, the tender melodicism of Bon Ivor and the stylishly melancholic edge of Lorde, Ruins serves as a candidly contemporary introduction to the artist, who frequently traverses fear as the prevalent theme in her music. Considering that there’s little else but fear in the atmosphere these days, you would struggle to find a more timely release.

As far as pop debuts go, Georgia Jones left nothing to be desired – apart from the sophomore single.

Ruins was officially released on August 12th; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Natalie Lane has released the bitter-sweet dark-pop ballad of the year with ‘Lonely’.

Californian singer-songwriter, Natalie Lane, has released her most captivating single to date with ‘Lonely’. The experimentally stormy production of the atmospheric downtempo ballad amplifies the intensity of the confessionally raw single to a visceral degree.

With a sonic style that sits in between Angel Olsen, St. Vincent and Billie Eilish combined with hints of bluesy Americana, Natalie Lane’s alchemic single hits like no other. It’s heart-wrenching tracks like this that take the stigma away from the admission of loneliness. Given that loneliness is a fundamental part of our human existence, we’re sure the weight in this track will resonate with anyone that takes a chance on it.

The official video for Lonely premiered on October 2nd; you can check it out for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

London Pop Debut: Tyla Jay – To Be a Girl

Pop artists are often guilty of perpetuating toxic female stereotypes through their lyrics; refreshingly, with her debut single, ‘To Be a Girl’, London-based singer-songwriter Tyla Jay gave a far more relatable account of femininity.

While her sonically compelling sound is well and truly her own, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter takes influence from a dynamic array of artists, from Billie Eilish to Beyonce, from Aretha Franklin to Adele.

The amalgamation of eclectic inspiration allows Tyla Jay to bring an old school style of soul to release paired with a relatable, modern air. The contemporary feel mostly resonates through the lyrics which explore insecurity and scribe battles with self-scrutiny when we’re trying to find the self-acceptance that we pretend comes so easily.

Perhaps most admirably, Tyla Jay allowed To Be a Girl to unfold as an empowering and uplifting release despite the lyrics that scratch far beneath the surface on a subject that is already so raw for so many women. She has exactly what it takes to become one of the most inspiring pop artists of our generation.

To Be a Girl is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

RYA- Impasse: A soothing yet catchy Pop single

London-based Pop Singer/Songwriter RYA has recently released her new single ‘’Impasse.’’ With a poignant meaning and a rather modulated sound.

Impasse pulls you in, with it’s calming yet ambiguous melody, RYA has an incredible vocal range, her voice is very soothing and easy to listen too, it’s a perfect pace and the right amount of pitch is added. It’s a track that gives Pop this whole new modernised sound as we enter into a new era of more developed sound for specific musical genres and this definitely stands out.

It’s very much expressing the feeling of being stuck in your own head, feeling like you are not doing enough and going through a traumatic break up, it is filled with roar emotion and empathy.

Rya sure knows how to create a track that has these honest lyrics, ones that really express how she feels and not only that but the melody that goes along with it is that similar up-beat rhythm but then you can hear a more choir-like sound as a trumpet cuts through the vocals.

Impasse is a song that you can’t help but have on repeat, it’s one you need to add to your playlist. After listening to this, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for RYA.

Be sure to check out RYA’s new single on SoundCloud now!

Review By Karley Myall

Dropping Julia has dropped In the Clear: A Funk Rock and Neo-Soul classic

In the Clear by Dropping Julia

Five-piece band Dropping Julia based in Virginia have dropped their single ‘In the Clear’, infusing their Funk Rock and Neo-Soul sound.

Starting with that insanely funky riff on the guitar, adding in the high-pitched tone from the trumpet. Combining all these elements to give it that Funk sound that this band master so perfectly. The instrumentation starts off very smooth and quieter in volume, the overall style of the track is fairly calming and isn’t too in your face, even though it has the occasional Rock element that sways through it.

As it hits the middle the melody raises and the pitch begins to get louder and more overpowering as the sound through the trumpets stands out, The riffs tend to get heavier as the electric guitar has it’s moment to shine, giving it that Rock essence. The voice has an adenoidal tone to it, sometimes it’s quite raspy and in others it’s high-pitched, but the way they change their vocal ranges to suit the pace of the instrumentation is impressive.

If you’re into a bit of Funk Rock or you’re looking for new music to listen too, be sure to check this one out.

Go over to bandcamp to listen to Dropping Julia In the Clear now.

Review by Karley Myall