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Raymond West shows us the way of life right now on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief)

With the 2nd release from his upcoming mixtape, ‘Jerseys & Convertibles‘, Raymond West raps with rampant self-assuredness that will surely illuminate up your day on ‘Carphones and Beepers’ (feat. Big Chief).

Raymond West is an indie Hip hop artist and entrepreneur who grew up in the historically rich area of Tremé, New Orleans.

At the tender age of seven, West penned his first rap lyrics. The initial puerile lyrics slowly progressed into more mature compositions with age and experience.” ~ Raymond West

Sending us into a better frame of mind with a track that is revved up to perfection, Raymond West and Big Chief combine like a fine wine that never ages and have dropped a lyrically astute single to turn the volume up with. Filled with stories of love, life and hustle, this is a release that is bundled with truths that many of us can certainly relate to in this survive-or-die world.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina ruined New Orleans, causing citizens to evacuate. A young and impressionable West found himself relocated to Oakland, CA. Initially facing culture shock, Raymond soon found himself being nurtured by the unfamiliar surroundings.” ~ Raymond West

Carphones and Beepers(feat. Big Chief) from Tremé, New Orleans-born indie Hip hop artist Raymond West is a confidently performed single that might get you in the mood for a cruise with the crew. With a sunny attitude and quick-fire raps that might have you dusting off your sunglasses, this is a song for the summer skies and only good vibes.

When you know you are headed for the top, everything else just seems to fall into place.

Ride with this new video on YouTube and see more news on the IG page.

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