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Berlin’s Raluca brought depth to dance-pop in her latest single, Could I

In the Berlin-based singer-songwriter Raluca’s latest single, Could I, nothing is black and white; melancholy melds with euphoria in the zeal of the orchestrally scored EDM pop progressions.

As the lyricism tackles the vulnerability that comes hand in hand with affection, the 80s and 90s-inspired beats veer through the unpredictable Avant-Garde hooks. It isn’t your average earworm, but with the depth of the lyricism paralleling the intensity of the experimentalism, Could I isn’t a dance hit that is easily forgotten.

Vocally, Raluca made no attempt to hide behind pop archetypes. Instead, she confidently ran with her own distinctively electrifying vocal lines that make Could I. Even at this early stage in her career, Raluca is proving to be one to watch.

Could I is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alt indie newcomers 20-LD have unleashed their foreboding dark earworm, ‘Feel It Now’.

Alt-indie newcomers 20-LD have released yet another transfixing track onto the airwaves with the release of their latest single, ‘Feel It Now’. It comes with the same atmospheric chill as Joy Division, Covenant-style darkwave beats and static choppy guitar progressions that cut through the reverb that bleeds from the synth notes.

With a few psychotropic tones laced into the dark earworm under forebodingly magnetic vocals that will be a hit with any fans of the Editors, it’s safe to say that 20-LD’s sound holds as much distinction as it does commercial potential.

The optimism that rings through in the higher notes feels like the ultimate feat of defiance in this timely melancholic release that pulls sheer ingenuity out of the dark. We can’t wait to see where this lockdown-born artist takes their sound next.

Feel It Now is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Folk-Pop’s prodigal son Adam Wendler returns with his most vibrant earworm to date, ‘Motions’.

After finding himself comfortable on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter charts, gracing over 400 stages across Germany and Canada and opening for the likes of the Arkells and Ryan Sheridan, Berlin-based folk-pop artist Adam Wendler is set to garner plenty more critical acclaim with his latest single, ‘Motions’.

Wendler’s previous singles, such as Thin Ice and Empty Space, proved his proficiency when it comes to producing earworms but Motions is practically an explosion of colour that will awaken even the most bleary-eyed ennui-laden souls from their still-life slumber.

With enlivening reminders that life won’t wait and that you must persevere despite adversity instead of rage quitting on life, Motions is a timely folk-pop playlist staple. Instead of assimilating his influences, such as Vance Joy and Dermot Kennedy, their style is eclipsed alongside his signature sonic sound. Discerning folk-pop fans would struggle to find a more luminary artist in 2021. If anyone has what it takes to reach the same heights as Mumford & Sons and the Lumineers, it is Adam Wendler.

Motions was written by Adam Wendler; recorded by Adam Wendler & Jack Bowden (Tors) in Berlin & the UK; produced, mixed & mastered by Jack Bowden.

You can go through the Motions yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Keep up to date with new releases from Adam Wendler via Facebook & Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Stockdale exhibits their in-Vogue urban pop style with ‘Countdown’.

Berlin-based artist Stockdale has captured the air of 80s East Coast hip hop while adding a melodic soul-pop twist with the standout track, ‘Countdown’, from their 2021 album, ‘BUDDY’.

Their versatile discography cruises between smooth pop and hip hop anthems; with Countdown, you get the best of both worlds. By starting as a fiery feat of lo-fi jazzy indie hip hop, you’ll get pulled into the progressive mix that exhibits four vocalists and a potent dose of collaborative chemistry. With D’Fish, Nomé, Pilgrim and Luce bringing their authentic personality to the track, you’re almost welcomed into the collective creative experience. The harmonic layering in the dream-pop style production towards the outro seriously puts every 90s boyband to shame.

Countdown is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Stelahr – Hundred Thousand Miles: Piercingly Artful Alt Pop

Berlin-based Breaking Pop artist Stelahr’s latest single Hundred Thousand Miles quite literally left me lost for words. In my extended mentally-incapacitated state of awe, the adjectives for Stelahr’s unique artful style alluded me.

The soundscape was as instrumentally, atmospherically and lyrically complex as you’d expect from the likes of Elliott Smith. Believe me, that’s not a comparison I make lightly. Yet, Stelahr allowed the dreamy and blissful track to sting with piercing melancholic longing which emanated from the stabbing notes in the piano and her haunting semi-operatic vocal style.

The ethereally moody soundscape paired with the official video which was created with a little help from the Sims 4 made the evocative potency of Hundred Thousand Miles even stronger. Watching the Sims character idle in domesticity before springing to life around music, crowds and nature hit especially hard thanks to lockdown. But Hundred Thousand Miles is definitely worth getting aurally bruised by.

You can check out the transfixing official music video to Hundred Thousand Miles which premiered on June 26th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Roadx – It’s Going Down: Curve-creating Soul-Soaked Electro Pop Funk

If it’s been a while since an up and coming Alternative artist has left you adrenalized by their curve creating ingenuity, hit play on the Funk-riddled mix It’s Going Down from breaking Berlin-based artist Roadx.

Finding the perfect balance between Funk, Electro Pop and Soul, Roadx created sultry expressive earworm which will stick to your synapses like superglue. It transcends transcendence and offers danceable beats which give you very little option in whether you’ll move to them.

I got just as excited hearing It’s Going Down as I did the first time I heard John Grant’s nuanced take on Electronica. If you think that sounds like hyperbole, try resisting the danceable energy which the chorus will throw at you.

You can check out Roadx’s latest single It’s Going Down for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

La Roboká – Incel Boy: An Unapologetically Avant-Garde Aural Assault on Incel Culture

Ever since La Roboká appeared on our radars in 2019 with their unapologetically Avant-Garde Alt Pop single “Misophonic”, we’ve eagerly awaited the expressive ingenuity which would undoubtedly follow.

And sure enough, the Berlin-based artist didn’t disappoint with their single “Incel Boy” which dropped on January 31st. If Amanda Palmer and Peaches did a collaborative record, I can’t imagine the results would be far from what you can expect if you hit play on the evocatively sobering track.

If you’re lucky enough to have never previously heard the term ‘incel’ before or encountered one for yourselves, be prepared for a drastic awakening. It’s so much more than your average “friendzone” toxic diatribe women deal with constantly. It’s innocent women, randomly picked out, assaulted, and killed just because men can’t deal with their odious expectation and frustration.

Throughout the track I was torn between absolute awe for La Roboká’s dynamic classical soprano vocal range, acknowledging the empowering chills that creep across me every time I listen to viscerally defiant music and feeling the existentialism over Incels being a very real problem in our society.

I’m not ashamed to say that hearing La Roboká’s vocals whilst seeing real-life CCTV footage of men randomly assaulting women in public had me in tears. Yet, the momentously entrancing beats fed me the disgust-instilled anger which is necessary to feel if Incel Culture is ever going to be stamped out. It’s not going to magically erase itself overnight. It’s going to take having a long and hard look at the way women are objectified and then expected to open their legs on demand just like in the films. THANKS HOLLYWOOD.

In the artist’s own words, here’s what inspired the track:

“With the rise of the Involuntary Celibates (Incels) the Berlin-based alt-pop duo La Roboká is setting a statement against violence and hatred towards women. The new music video “Incel Boy“ is an emotional rollercoaster that lashes out against cowardly attacks from the comfort of the living room, the quick hunt for a cheap laugh that spreads hatred and eventually spills over into the real-life as brutality against women.”

You can check out the official music video for Incel Boy for yourselves via YouTube.

Keep up to date with the latest releases from La Roboká via Facebook.