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Get Outside Again: Milton Keynes indie rock artist Alex Dennis encouragingly urges us to not be ‘Prisoners’

Taken off his new terrific new five-track ‘Robotland‘ EP, Alex Dennis gazes calmly at the stream of life and wonders why we are all television spinning wheel ‘Prisoners‘.

Alex Dennis is a multi-skilled Bedfordshire-born, Milton Keynes, UK-based indie rock musician who can play the sax, keys and piano.

From 2014-2017, Alex Dennis studied at the London College of Creative Media in which he gained a BMus degree in Music Performance and Production.” ~ Alex Dennis

This is the keep-a-close-eye-on-your-life message that should wake us up from that covid-induced habit of staying indoors, as he sings with such heartfelt enthusiasm. This lively rock track is briskly sung with supremely enjoyment – from an underground artist who clearly loves what he does – as he speaks from the heart and plays which such passionate vigor.

Prisoners‘ from the Milton Keynes, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter, keys player, saxophonist and pianist Alex Dennis, is a true story all about not letting the beautiful world pass you by. Being glued to the screen will only get you so far, as being outside sometimes will help your heart feel so much better than before. Alex performs with a truthful outlook and sings with a stirring edge, that gives you the urge to get outside and see the world for all its undiscovered beauty.

The time to explore is now – as you get sucked into the greedy couch and into that silly show – you probably don’t need to watch anyway.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Deal With Consequences: Milton Keynes artist Alex Dennis reminds us that there are ‘No Secrets’

After releasing his debut EP ‘Dangerous Game‘ back in October 2016 and with the second much-anticipated EP due in September 2021, Alex Dennis shows us into his thought provoking world with the new single about being careful with what you do on ‘No Secrets‘.

Alex Dennis is a Milton Keynes-based, Bedfordshire-born indie alt-rock singer-songwriter, piano/keys and sax player.

From 2014-2017, Alex Dennis studied at the London College of Creative Media in which he gained a BMus degree in Music Performance and Production.” ~ Alex Dennis

This is the type of track to put hairs on your scared back, as you look around and wonder why there are so many cameras watching everything that you do. There is so much truth echoing from his intent-filled vocals which swiftly takes your mind into the current issues of the world, as he tells us what his deepest fears are.

Performed with an honest outlook and with a sweeping beat to take you off your feet, this is a song to play when you are in that introspective mood to ponder more than what meets most eyes.

No Secrets was written at the end of 2019 and the subject matter is about our behaviour as human beings being displayed in public with technology keeping us under surveillance everywhere we go and we can’t hide it. The song then does explain what happens if worst comes to worst and that could be if our actions are shown in the papers or on the internet.” ~ Alex Dennis

No Secrets‘ from the Milton Keynes, UK-based indie alt-rock singer-songwriter/pianist and sax player Alex Dennis, is a stark warning that there are so many sneaky cameras lurking at every dimly-lit corner, as there is always someone watching. Sung with a vigor and a passionate output into the shaking speakers, this is a message we all need reminding about.

Hear this haunting new single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Milk By The Door: Groovy Bedfordshire act Three Day Monk remember those good times on ‘I Liked It Better’

I Liked It Better by Three Day Monk

With an introspective look into what was the sumptuous light of the growing world before these current dark times changed everything before us forever, Three Day Monk have our ears jumping on a good level again with the fresh new single named ‘I Liked It Better‘.

Three Day Monk is an entertaining Bedfordshire, UK-based indie-rock solo act, which is the vision of the excellent multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Tristan Nelson. He likes to make that real funky music vibration that has you singing along and tapping your tingling feet in utter delight.

Influenced from artists such as Ben Howard, Fantastic Negrito, Hiatus Kaiyote and Incubus, the music contains unintentional, unconventional structures that delve into metaphorical, situational matters that ask a simple question.” – Three Day Monk

His voice is rather mysterious and softly spoken at first, matching his humble attitude and enlightened stance on the world. He soon launches in hard and takes on this song – before retreating back to more familiar lands – to let us know that he is staying calm, and wisely far away from getting too frustrated with this rather strange world. The sound is terrifically created and this is a highly memorable song, full of sexy riffs and breaks, that has you thoroughly captivated.

I Liked It Better‘ from the top notch Bedfordshire, UK-based solo indie rock act Three Day Monk, is a true look inside the mind of a self-aware artist who just knows that things should be better, and that we shouldn’t fall into the quicksand sheep-acting trap that so many others have. The world should be better and will eventually, we just need to continue to be open minded, and not get caught up in everything we read and see.

Hear this awesome new track on Bandcamp and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen