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Spend Some Time: Eugene Palmer searches for that quality time on a special Summer Day

With groovy riffs to ease all uneasiness away into the distance, Eugene Palmer takes the shirt off and cools down in a better place to be truly happy inside on Summer Day.

Eugene Palmer is a Buffalo, New York-based indie psychedelic pop 3-piece band that has a genuine style which will calm all heavy hearts.

Drenched in sweat and feeling so good after feeling the burn on such a beautiful day to enjoy for its magnificence, Eugene Palmer navigates us away from the smog of the city and into a more mellow world filled with smiles and kisses.

Taken from their first 10-track release called Rut, this is a memorable new single to remember for its spark-filled life.

Summer Day from Buffalo, New York-based indie psychedelic pop artist Eugene Palmer is a superb song which is packed with so much pureness, it might just change a sad soul’s day. There is impressive depth here which makes everything better, as our eyes are hidden with sunglasses as those sunny rays heat all worries away.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Your Ground: Downcutting Streams uncovers those fears forever on The Landscape of Denial

With an assortment of breathless sounds to be enchanted by, Downcutting Streams returns with an ear-piercing single to be completely enchanted by on The Landscape of Denial.

Downcutting Streams is a location hidden indie alternative project that features some of the most exquisite vocals you’re likely to ever hear.

Inspired by moral dilemmas I see in the world, as I fancy myself a good observer, I wrote the lyrics which, if you look closer, you can recall your own situations you’ve had, have or will face.” ~ Downcutting Streams

Featuring the calming flute, the well-performed guitar and that stunningly healing piano, Downcutting Streams has unquestionably created one of the more fascinating underground songs to swim into our earlobes this year.

The Landscape of Denial from indie alternative project Downcutting Streams is an experience that is hard to explain unless you have been inside this whirlpool of wonder with the volume on max. Sung with a heartfelt meaning and with an intricately mesmerizing style that could shock all senses awake, this is a noteworthy effort indeed.

See this dynamic video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Taking Charge Within: Top notch Toronto classical musician Steve Nicosia is impressive once again on ‘Forever Endeavour’

With some much-needed class attached and taken off his latest six-piece EP called ‘Silver Lining Sound Waves’, Steve Nicosia brings us some stunning beauty to calm all of the gushing waters of doubt in our churning stomachs with ‘Forever Endeavour‘.

Steve Nicosia is a brilliant Toronto, Canada-based classical multi-instrumentalist, who makes majestic music that has so much feeling wrapped inside and that true rare care woven throughout this experience, which has you in a different world that is away from the madness and confusion.

After the beautiful single ‘Reflection‘, this is an artist that has returned to bring us more stunning soundscapes that is so pure and made with such meaning attached.

This superb creation has so much terrific intricacies attached, it seeps into your mind and doesn’t seem to let go as you feel a different power latching onto you. This underrated performer has a knack for making cinematic creations that certainly dazzles the mind and puts you in a position to succeed.

Forever Endeavour‘ from Canada’s multi-talented Steve Nicosia, is a swooping gust into the wind of your sails, as you find the strength to carry on despite the storms from within. This is a single made with such glorious love and affection, which transforms your mind from edgy doubts, to total courageousness in mere seconds.

Stream this wonderful song on Spotify and see his social stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Making History: Nanguaq put together something supremely special on ‘N1: Rising Stars of Modern Indigenous Music from Taiwan’

Making such beautiful soundscapes on this ten-track wonderland for the heart to heal again, Nanguaq are here to bring the world a statement of their intention to teach us about their incredibly soulful music which has been hidden away for too long on ‘N1: Rising Stars of Modern Indigenous Music from Taiwan‘.

Nanguaq is a team of fantastic artists who have teamed up together to change the tide away from previous music styles, to rather show their original creations in a sensational electronica, neo-soul and pop explosion of stunning ear-hugging delight, that clears the mind from all anxiety.

”Taiwan’s indigenous people make up just over 2% of the population today, which makes it all the more extraordinary that Abao won the Best Album and Best Song categories at the Golden Melody Awards  — Taiwan’s highest music honor — in 2020.”-Nanguaq

”The seven singer-songwriters, whose ages range from 17 to 29 years old, hail from four of Taiwan’s 16 recognized indigenous ethnic groups: Paiwan, Bunnan, Amei, and Rukai. On N1, they each sing in their respective native languages.”-Nanguaq

You feel the talent oozing in class here, as they all sing with undoubted quality and heart, lead by a magnificent artist who sets the standard with a world class song of such unrivaled beauty.

N1: Rising Stars of Modern Indigenous Music from Taiwan‘ from Nanguaq, is a lovely collection of tremendous songs that showcases what you can achieve if given the chance. This is a remarkable ten-track album that will have you thinking about opening your mind to new music that is truly special. The goal of featuring Abao and an assortment of young artists to give them the global platform, has certainly been achieved and looks to grow even more worldwide thanks to these excellent efforts, to unite the music community as one team.

Stream this new compilation on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Push yourself forward: Buenos Diaz aims make amends through heartbreaking loss on ‘Beautiful’

His passion evident on this personal single about losing a friend recently to horrifying heroin addiction, the incredibly talented Buenos Diaz sends out a ‘Beautiful‘ tribute on this deep new single, which is taken off the new five-track EP called ‘Remember‘.

Buenos Diaz is a seven-piece team that is lead by self-taught Austin, Texas-based indie lofi-pop/blues singer-songwriter Nick Diaz and Grammy Award winning producer Beto Martinez, who somehow make that personal story type of music that fills your heart with sadness, love and thoughtfulness all at the same.

This is a fascinating mixture of wondrous sounds that perfectly encapsulates modern day society. The unimaginable story that you thought couldn’t happen but actually did. He sings with all the experience gained from being in various bands and genres all over the USA, his life as a travelling musician is a movie-like experience that needs to be shown on the big screen for all to learn.

Beautiful‘ from the Texas alt-pop wonder Buenos Diaz, is a special story about making sure that you look after your sobriety, as you want to live a better life and not go down that dark road. He sings with such passion and deep reasoning, each word and story meaning something special for us to embrace.

This is a truly remarkable single that will have your mind a trance for a while, as you gaze outside and wonder where you will end up in this crazy world.

Hear this stunning tribute on Spotify and see his future travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Norwegian artist Mörmaid dazzles through electronic genres with debut ”Turn Away”

London-based Norwegian artist and producer Mörmaid is such a huge talent and she drops the world a stunning dream-pop flavored bundle of joy right here. With such an intoxicating beautiful voice I get so lost and daydream to a happy place. This song is all about love and the different instruments here makes me shake my head in amazement.

Turn Away” is all about starting again as you reminisce about what once was. You have healed up and are ready to date again with a brand spanking new perspective on everything. You are a bit wiser and feel the new energy inside your body and soul.

After seeing that Mörmaid is based in London, I was overcome with happy feelings. This is a musician that I would love to see live and witness her majestically musician skill set on my eyes and ears up close so I can understand the creative process.

Turn Away’‘ is so beautiful and this song has made my day. This phenomenally talented artist is on her way to the top with this fantastic release. After changing her artist name from Solpsiche to Mörmaid, this is magnificence personified.

Follow this incredible musician from Norway here on her Facebook.

For the music release on 3rd July, stream this outer-worldly song here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Broken Islands Release Beautiful Track “Crown”

The front cover of “Crown” by The Broken Island, is probably the first thing that really attracted me to this release. The crashing waves of the ocean seem to pose a threatening message to those who dare facing them, representing the stunning duality of nature. It’s all so beautiful and majestic, yet it also feels dangerous and somewhat mysterious.

The Broken Islands managed to create a sound that’s just as equally endearing as their artwork. “Crown” begins with big, lush piano chords, and the vocals come into the mix gently, yet soaring right at the front. The production is crisp, elegant and bright, going for a clear and direct edge, yet retaining a certain warm tone with a bit of a vintage twist.


Clear your mind with DEVIN’s track ‘Bring You In’

An argument can be made that music of all genres are different iterations and expressions of the human soul. It’s that word though, soul, which has truly been able to define a very specific type and level of understanding and vulnerability and power in honest expression. For DEVIN, it requires only the simplest elements. A piano performance, a snap-beat and a chance to let herself shine through is all that’s needed for a soulful performance. To capture something so beautiful and so simple is a tradition of R&B, but all the more reason to respect these styles. Bring You In is DEVIN’s invitation to stop your day, clear your mind and focus on only this gorgeous sonic message.

Despite the rudimentary nature of the mix, it’s not right to discount the music as lazy. While the spotlight remains on the smooth and caring vocal performance, the piano isn’t just dropping compressed loops like a lot of musicians who strive for minimalism. There’s heart in every stroke. The snaps don’t provide much rhythmic variety, but act as a grounding element coming from something more intimate than the traditional metronome or bass and snare combo. In some ways, this incredibly basic beat can be called more intentional and romantic than layered beats with a richer sense of motion. All things said and done, this song is beautiful and worth slowing down your daily momentum to appreciate.

-Paul Weyer

Mystic Tears single “Shine” is haunting and beautiful

Mystic Tears makes music that is as enigmatic as the project’s name. Their single, “Shine” is haunting and beautiful – a melancholic ballad that makes me think of the quieter moments of artists such as Soundgarden or Nine Inch Nails, just to mention a few. The drums have a floating groove that really fits with the sparse, gentle guitars and with the sultry vocal performances. The track has a nice, sustained feel throughout its duration, but it definitely opens up to a stunning climax towards its end. The playing gets more intense, and new layers of tone seamlessly bring something new to the mix. The beautiful lead guitar work and stunning vocal solos make me think of timeless acts such as Pink Floyd, but re-imagined in a refreshing modern way.

In conclusion, this track feels like a musical journey: its arrangement its deceptively simple and direct, but the song’s emotional impact is huge. This is one of those tracks that really compel you to focus and listen, stopping whatever else you were doing at the moment and solely concentrate on the music!