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Multi-talented Canadian composer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her beautiful ‘Scarves of Saturn’

The multi-talented Canadian composer/singer Julia Vasiliev is quite fantastic on her new beautiful single called ‘Scarves of Saturn‘.

Julia Vasiliev is a fantastic young Toronto based composer. She first learnt how to play the piano at the age of 6, improvising and composing has always been a heartfelt passion. Julia likes to use melancholy moods and themes, she uses the piano to express the motions she experiences in her adventurous life. Julia has 14 years of singing experience at the Holy Trinity church choir and sung in the University of Guelph Symphonic Choir. This is a young lady that likes to push herself and she does what she loves.

You stare up into the sky and wonder what is out there, your heart beating as you think of all the planets out there. This curiosity has always been inside you and now you are looking even deeper, trying to find meaning in it all.

Julia Vasiliev’sScarves of Saturn‘ is a fantastic piece of art, the beauty shines through and you can feel some sadness too, perhaps of an old memory that hasn’t passed yet. This is a stunning instrumental and this is a masterful performance that would be best with the volume turned up real high.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The mysterious 8udDha bl0od bless us with new electro track ‘(((?)))’

The magically brilliant Brighton band 8udDha bl0od are back with the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘.

There are no vocals on this one as we are transported into a translucent journey, full of lights and possibilities. You get locked into the song but it is never hard to imagine here, your eyes closed as you are put into a trance. This is such amazing music as I feel so much more free. There are droplets of electronic energy here as you look for the answer in your heart. What is life about really?

The UK act 8udDha bl0od are in fine form once again on their new single, the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘. This is a band that doesn’t make any bad songs. The musicianship is so classy yet so intriguing. You feel like you are perhaps floating into the sky, the clouds are no match as you float away, in your happy place. This is a sparkling effort from a band with so much potential. They need one of their songs to be a movie or series. Perhaps this will be when the world really appreciates this fine band from Brighton in the UK.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scottish singer Alicia-Deanna is in incredible form on ‘Lessened By Love’

Alicia-Deanna is a talented 22 year old singer-songwriter, producer and creative based in Edinburgh. She breathes beauty into 2020 with the self-aware single ‘Lessened By Love‘.

You miss that special person in your life and you only have eyes for them. Right now, things are not as they should be and it consumes your mind. You wish you hadn’t let them go but that is what happened and now you need to heal. Or can you be together again after some time apart?

Alicia has already featured at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, BBC and Glasgow Roots Review. With more big things on the way in 2021, we are witnessing an artist going places.

Lessened By Love‘ from indie folk singer Alicia-Deanna is a somber tale of not wanting to lose that special touch with that person you really feel you should be with. The Channel Islands native sings with such authenticity and she is in fine form here. Her voice makes you listen intently without being pushy, your mind takes you to a previous experience like this story and wonder what could of happened.

Alicia-Deanna shines brightly like a shooting star on Lessened By Love‘ and this is a pleasure to listen to. A big future awaits.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen