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Nottingham’s Mollie Ralph is ready for her real man with soul-licious single ”Fella”

Life should be simple when it comes to love. You meet, connect, get to know each other and decide if you are a good match. Due to Social Media and Dating Apps weirdly warping our beloved brains love has become way more unnecessarily complicated. Then, the magnificent vocals of Mollie Ralph bolts into your confused ears with her soul tingled voice and changes this sad sentiment in an instant. She wants her real man now and is ready. Molly is tired of boys and their silly games.

This is a beautifully created song and is so honest. A story about being asked to be in 2nd place and not taking the bait with smooth words. We should all the number one right?

Nottingham singer Mollie Ralph catches your attention with her pure voice and she strikes through like a lightning storm through your healing heart. This is real talent right here. ”Fella’‘ is an absolute anthem and I love her vivid honesty here. She wants to be number one and I’m with her on this notion. Why would you want to settle and be number two even if life would be easier? Surely you would end up resentful and bitter about the whole arrangement. I could imagine Mollie impressing live with her phenomenal vocal range that is massively impressive. This young UK artist is surely on the way to the top.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hannah Harper Whets Audiences Appetite

London based Hannah Harper seems to make music which wonderfully captures the city that she is based in. It is at once artistic and slick, pushes pop music into quirky, staccato dance realms, feels wonderfully urban, uptown, classy and shimmers with the pace and edgy energy of the city around her. At a time when pop music seems to have hit a formulaic, production line creative process, where most are content only to make music in the mould of what has already been successful, Hannah’s debut single marks a fascinating departure.

Already picked up by BBC movers and shakers, Appetite is the sound of things moving on, of barriers being pushed aside of new paths being beaten through previously unexplored territory. But the clever thing is that whilst offering something new, it isn’t too radical either. The beats and the structures are still familiar it is just the way they are put together is intriguing. It is, in fact, the best of both worlds, a new sound but one for which there is already a captive audience via popular radio and clubland playlists. It is safe to say that the evolution of pop music just took a very big stride forward.


Jutty Fennix futuristic and energetic dance track ‘Yamasaki’

If some videos are just a way of promoting a single to a more visually receptive audience and others little more than an afterthought, Yamasaki is a refreshing combination of sight and sound. Even without fully understanding the intricacies of the narrative found in this amazing anime sequence it merges with the music to become a hypnotic masterstroke.

As EDM beats and writhing synthetic hooks play out a futuristic and energetic dance score, the animated story line is the other half of this futuristic opera, one breathing extra life into the other to become an inseparable package of sensual delights. Instrumental dance music is often a very abstract concept, designed as a catalyst for energetic nights out and hi-octane dance floor antics, Jutty Fennix reminds us that its potential as a film score is an area which needs to be explored more. And this is the man to do it.