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Filipino-American RnB artist Phil Q wonders why the sun is hiding away on the love-lost ‘Rain’

As he sings about the dark light that has made his soul so sad, Phil Q sheds the tears that have brought his mood to a damp state of affairs on the new single about looking for joy after heartbreak with ‘Rain‘.

Philip Quijano aka Phil Q is a Filipino-American RnB singer-songwriter, pianist and music producer who is based in the Bay Area and writes date night anthems combined with his battles against depression and anxiety.

Taking influence from artists like Michael Jackson, Jeff Bernat, Jon Bellion and H.E.R, he blends the best of each genre to create his own unique sound.” ~ Phil Q

Gliding with an elevated mindset that is mightily outstanding, Phil Q is one of the purest artists around due to a vocal ability that is genuine and seems to heal all the previous worries away like a superhero sent to help us with any past apprehension.

His latest single, “Rain” is a beautiful sonic metaphor for a broken heart. Akin to rain pouring against a window, the lyrics represent our battle against heartbreak – sad, but optimistic because rainy days are strengths, not weaknesses.” ~ Phil Q

Rain‘ from the Bay Area-based Filipino-American RnB artist Phil Q, is a sky-crashing melody for all those who need to feel like they are not alone right now. With soaring vocals that seems to clear away the moody skies as the pain slowly eases – but then comes back like an unwelcome memory – this is a sensational new single from a truly caring artist who just wants the world to be happy again, after so many floods of tears.

Listen up to this smoothly performed single on Spotify and see more info via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Gotta Take My Swing: Bay Area-based RnB artist Phil Q makes his move at the bar on the ‘Silhouette’ (feat. Triimurtii)

Inspired by the bar scene from the famous movie Crazy Stupid Love, Phil Q finds it hard to take his eyes off her on the smooth new single all about seeing if a former stranger wants to go home with you on ‘Silhouette(feat. Triimurtii).

Phil Q is a solo Bay Area-based indie RnB artist and music producer who loves to always be evolving and cleverly blends in jazz, hip-hop, and electronic treats for us to munch on joyously.

When he writes, he draws inspiration from the Bay Area nightlife, immersing his listeners through meticulously crafted lyrics that tell his story, from exploring SF to speeding down I-880, vibing to chill music and deep conversation.” ~ Phil Q

Phil Q performs with a loving edge that has you smiling radiantly, as you dim the lights down and wonder if this is something special or a one-night thing. He sings with a smoothly-lipped ambience and the tight production has you feeling like this is a quality groove – to add your romantic playlist – the next time you meet someone who has your heart beating quicker than usual.

Silhouette(feat. Triimurtii) from the tremendously-skilled solo indie RnB artist and music producer Phil Q, is a loved-up single that is all about getting to know your new lover who you want to treat right. You don’t have much time but you want to feel the vibe with her, as you feel like there is a spark here and you want to see how far this flame can heat up. Sung with a bar-feel and a twinkle in the eye, this is a stunning single that will have you wondering if this chemistry is going to blend into your smiles together all night.

Hear this terrific new track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Talking With Your Ego: Emma Gerson knows her worth on the fearless ‘Throne’

As she sees right through his easy-to-spot lies and tiny walls of nonsense, Emma Gerson bravely breaks down the shattered glass and sees what is real and what is not on her latest top drawer single called ‘Throne‘.

Emma Gerson is a supremely talented and self-aware nineteen year-old New York City-born, Bay Area-based indie modern RnB/folk/pop singer-songwriter and current University of California, Berkeley American Studies student. She has a likable style that is full of insight to the way people should act – as her smart mindset is full of that truthful energy – that is so rare these days.

With a special voice which has your heart beating rather fast, you feel like you have just heard a marvelous talent who skillfully transfixes your thoughtful mind and you has you smiling cheekily from hearing such real lyrics. In a world that is so plastic and pull of quick-swipes, this is that quality message that needs to be heard far and wide.

We are placed into her vivid story about being spoken to by someone who things that they are so incredible, but are actually telling you the same rubbish that needs to be thrown like a three-pointer, into the awaiting trashcan. You are looking for someone unique who truly gets you and isn’t playing childish games to get you alone so they can tell their friends. Instead your mind has evolved and you want something truly meaningfully remarkable, to make your heart flutter sweetly like a singing bird.

Throne‘ from the gracefully classy Bay Area-based indie modern RnB artist Emma Gerson, shows us a confident woman who has seen all the games before and bends out like a Jenga professional, to flick out quickly from the noise when she needs to and shows such maturity here.

This is that honest anthem that tells it how it is, as Emma shows her Queen-like qualities to wash away the silly players once and for all, who show such undesirable qualities.

Hear this lovely new single on Spotify and see more of her adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Seen Too Much: J-money is only waiting for the special one on ‘Fall in Love’

Taken off his latest four-track EP called ‘Love Songs For Life‘, J-money returns with a true single about how something so important can escape you for too long, even though you wish it would happen called ‘Fall in Love‘.

Jahsaan Goode aka J-money is a groovy Bay Area-based artist who cleverly fuses in music that speaks about his deepest fears and dreams, while making it in a way that has you singing along.

You hear his imagination run wild as he wants to be with her so bad, however he isn’t going to commit until he knows that this is something legit, that has that core love which will be hard to break.

He sings and raps with that real street lesson style, that shows his smarts for avoiding being messed around again, his eyes are strikingly real as he leads us into a world where trust is earned, not given.

Fall in Love‘ from Bay area singer-rapper J-money, is a summer anthem that has you moving your body around as you desire that close contact emotional stability, but at the same time you are not going to accept anything less than your ideal woman. Settling for less, just isn’t an option.

Immerse yourself into his story with the love track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JBadge Ft Nef The Pharaoh x Steez – PAIN MUSIC

JBadge introduces you to his demons and offers olive branches of resilience in his latest single ‘PAIN MUSIC’ featuring Nef the Pharaoh x Steez.

With the world collectively asking themselves the same questions around their waning sanity, tracks like PAIN MUSIC remind us that tormented people aren’t an anomaly, they’re a commonality. It’s more important than ever for artists to relay torrid emotions so we know that we’re not alone; JBadge definitely stepped up to the plate with their unique spin on the old school East Coast sound.

Many hip hop artists layer jazzy tones into their tracks but rarely are the tracks as fresh and modern as this trap mix. With the 80s-pop style sax solos, there’s yet another dynamic to the single which seems to get better with every listen. It’s a goldmine of invaluable introspection.

You can check out PAIN MUSIC for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Masking up to avoid feelings: Boss lady Jackie Hollywood is at her vibrant best on ‘Catch Flights’

The multi-talented Bay Area rapper/poet and thriving radio/TV personality Jackie Hollywood is back with her uniquely entertaining style that catches your attention quickly on the latest Hip Hop-Pop single ‘Catch Flights’.

Her lyrical arsenal is stocked full of catchy rhymes, the enthusiasm makes you smile and this young lady can rap with the best around. She doesn’t take herself too seriously which is so refreshing in a genre that is often filled with flash in the pans who have fake rhymes. You get the feeling here that she puts her heart and soul into every line she drops.

With beats that uplift you quickly and meshes so well with her flavor-filled vocals, this is a song to turn up loud and leave alone. This is a talented and smart woman on a mission to do what she needs to do in order to be successful in life.

Not one to stay too comfortable for any length of time, you get the impression that she is doing what she loves and wants to challenge herself to learn new skills all the time. Staying relevant and fresh in this weird world is the key to opening many doors, that otherwise remain bolted shut unless you know somebody. Ultimately though, you want to be there because of your dope skills.

The San Francisco native and fashion icon boss lady Jackie Hollywood is fiery and fascinating on ‘Catch Flights’. This is the story about not catching feelings and staying true to yourself and your goals. Travelling around and seeing friends is the way forward for this exhilarating talent who has shown that she can do it all. Putting your mind to doing something you have wanted to do and actually doing it, is the best way to live and grow. Being careful about who you fall in love with is so vital too as you can’t afford to have anyone to take you off that flight of life.

Support Jackie via her Spotify, YouTube and see her ever-evolving journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Salsa & Chips’ from hungry Bay Area emcee is an all-you-can-eat party from J-Money

J-Money is back with his 2nd single from 2020 this one is aptly called ‘Salsa & Chips’. All that hard work gives you the munchies and these are deliciously satisfied on the outstandingly outlandish single. The enthralling entry comes in piping hot with a dazzling beat that has that extra spicy flavor to sink our teeth into.

With his signature frenzied flow that gives your body a boost when you needed it most, J-Money shows us his sword-like lyrical wordplay that gives your heart pulsating heart palpitations of the best variety. The South American salsa is on full show here as this is a musician who is clearly confident in his ability, and knows where he stands with the ladies.

This is the story of being a local at the diner in your town and you are known to all the staff there. The love of food is brilliantly mixed in with messages about being someone that doesn’t need a second invitation for a worthwhile party. His ferocious lyrical delivery brings a smile the face as this feels like early Ludacris in his prime.

The criminally underrated emcee is on top form with ‘Salsa & Chips’ by the Bar Area artist J-Money as he wets the appetite for more delicious tracks. His skillful wordplay is at a wizardry level and he turns up the heat here with rhymes that adds a humorous and oven cooked snack to proceedings.

After all, not taking yourself too seriously and making entertaining music is the way to go in 2020. This is an emcee that needs live shows and festivals to start up again so that he can take his music to the next level which he fully deserves.

Head through to the Spotify page to hear the new single and see more from J-Money on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bay Area singer Phil Q steams up the windows with new R&B single ‘Temptations’

Bay Area singer Phil Q steams up the windows with new R&B single ‘Temptations‘ and this is a hot new single from the promising Filipino artist.

With a sultry start, you feel yourself dozing off. When you are with her, the smell of her fragrance has you instantly hooked. Her sweetness is what you are looking for and her voice just makes you melt. Your heart is clearly with her and you want this to work out so badly.

After learning the piano when he was 6 years old, Phil Q is always challenging himself to learn new things. He is determined to show what he can do, guitar or any other instrument. Learning is the way Phil operates. His voice is fantastic here, each note feels like it has been carefully molded.

Temptations‘ from the multi-talented Phil Q is a marvel to behold. This is a fun R&B sultry and seductive single from this USA-based artist.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Head through to the Facebook link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bay Area singer Phil Q is so dreamy on ‘City Lights’

Phil Q is a Filipino artist from the Bay Area and he is in High School right now. He shows growing maturity on his new single called ‘City Lights’.

After learning to play the piano at 6 years old, Phil Q’s music style has evolved to now be inspired by the date night scene in the Bay Area. He loves exploring The City, reveling and speeding down I-880 with nothing but chill-hop music, deep conversation and an empty highway in front on him. He loves the adventure, the roar of the vibrant city.

Phil Q, is born out of his love for different themes of R&B; ranging from soul and jazz, to electronic and alternative. Lots of music fuses that have injected themselves into his veins, this is a man who loves to create new music that is different. He is a creator, he watches and listens, learn new skills and becomes the best he can be at them. Right now its the guitar that he is attempting to master.

City Lights’ from Phil Q is about that fun cruise, your enjoyment of the moment and this is a quality new single here in 2020.

Head through to the Spotify link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New emcee CarD brings the Hip Hop summer heat with lyric video ”Sicker” (featuring Connect and Nelly Hype)

Sicker” is track 9 on the new OddsMaker album from CarD and what a track it is. With a funky fresh beat that needs sunglasses, this is a welcome release that will stand the test of time due to it’s sick beat and flow-full lyrics. Produced in part by longtime collaborator Connect, this represents a major artistic step forward for the young artist with a fly style.

Bay Area rapper CarD isn’t afraid of taking risks with his music. As the son of a professional poker player, he is naturally inclined to just go for it with his lyrics, offering endless rewards for listeners who can keep up with his lyrically ability. Instead of rapping about partying and cliche gang life, he uses intricate wordplay and rhyme patterns infused with gambling terminology that certainly impress.

Battle rap helped CarD grow up quickly in the Bay Area, developing his own identity and introducing himself to the local scene with the well-received underground albums- ’51 Short’ and ‘Ante Your Life.’

Featuring Connect and Nelly Hype, ”Sicker” shreds the bars right through the speakers. This is powerful track that shows the world this young emcee’s potential.

Stream this track right now on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen