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Stroll Like This You Can’t Teach: Yung pootie is fresh on that neck with an interview all about Round$ free$tyle

Marion, Indiana creative Yung pootie is a fast-rising hood blues artist who we just had to find out more about. He tells us all about the vision behind Round$ free$tyle, growing up working all the instrumental settings in his local church, the 765, overthinking, and what it takes to lace down powerful bars which are certainly meaningful. Strap your seatbelt in and let’s go.

Llewelyn: Thank you for joining us Yung pootie. First question, do you recall precisely the moment when you just knew..making music..this is what I’m going to do. What does it feel like when you think back?

Yung pootie: Thank you for having me. I always knew since a kid that music was a major part of my life. Growing up in the Black church playing the instruments and singing in the choirs groomed me into the musician/artist I am today. When I think back on it, all I can think of is my father introducing me to the funk/soul music that is still instilled in me today. Shoutout Julio & the Pussycats lol.

Llewelyn: We like how you just go and do things. Do you feel like overthinking just causes doubt and actually cages up creativity like a bird who just wants to fly to a better place?

Yung pootie: You know I do think overthinking can cause a creative block within artists. I know this first-hand for sure. The moment I stopped overthinking things musically, it almost seemed like everything started to fall in place for me better as an artist. You have to allow yourself to be free as an artist in order for that to translate to the world.

Llewelyn: Round$ free$tyle. Let’s get into it. This is a hot track. What was the idea behind the new single and who have you made it for? Our readers will surely turn this up to the max.

Yung pootie: So really this is the perfect example of not overthinking and allowing myself to be free as an artist. This record really happened by accident lol. I was shuffling thru beats and found one with the Aaliyah sample in it ( If you know me then you know how I feel bout 90s music) Soon as I heard it, I loaded it up and started recording. I allowed whatever was on my mind to come out of my mouth. Hence the name Rounds Freestyle. The rest is history!

Llewelyn: Has covid made you change up your grind at all or are things ‘back’ to normal again?

Yung pootie: Covid actually turned my grind up like 6 levels lol. Being on “lockdown” forced me to be isolated in the most productive way. It gave me the opportunity to really hone in on my sound and what I really want. Things are sorta back to normal now but the grind has definitely evolved since then.

Llewelyn: Marion, Indiana. Have you always lived here and what is/was it like? Is the music scene alive or does much more investment need to arrive for it to fully flourish and support the underground musicians who want to shine?

Yung pootie: The 765!!! I was born and raised here yes sir. It’s a small town in northern Indiana where there honestly isn’t too much of anything besides cornfields. We actually are starting to grow a dope music scene here for sure but I do think it’ll take a lot more investment and work from all of us here to make it something recognizable everywhere. If we all come together wholeheartedly ain’t no way we can lose.

Llewelyn: Hood Blues. We like the sound of this a lot. What made you go in this direction and avoid doing what so many others are doing..sticking to whatever the ‘cool’ genre/fad is at the time. Do you feel like you’re a trailblazer who just wants to make music with a real message to inspire the youth and those who backed you when others (who didn’t get it) doubted everything?

Yung pootie: So if I’m being honest, the term or genre “Hood Blues” was coined by my cousin Tyjon (Smokey Lymon), who I’ve looked up to as an artist ever since I was a kid. I chose to go in this direction with my sound because it’s not what fits me the best but the US. Hood blues is soulful music with impactful lyrics that accompany hard-hitting 808s and trap drums. I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a trailblazer but more so of a blueprint for those who follow me musically. I’ve always wanted to make music with substance so people could feel and relate to it. I told myself a long time ago that the music I make would not be the typical sound that we’ve constantly heard. Hood blues is the next wave.

Listen up on Spotify.

See more vibes on the socials on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Loving You So Long: Tyrone Bradley stays on track with Don’t Want You Back

Taken from his latest 7-track Loser/Lover LP, Tyrone Bradley opens up about the time he thought the love would be strong forever on the raw new single Don’t Want You Back.

Tyrone Bradley is a Seattle-based and Lynx Records powered hip hop artist who spits hard bars to feel better with on each of his tracks.

After dealing with so much fakeness and unnecessary pain recently, Tyrone Bradley leads himself away from a reoccurrence and walks away for good. Showered in distance and a need to break the toxic relationship before the venom reaches the soul, we are treated to a hungry rapper who slices the past away rather impressively.

Don’t Want You Back from Seattle-based hip hop artist Tyrone Bradley is a passionate sizzler to turn up on max when it’s time to end something which is unhealthy long-term. Wrapped in so much electrifying lyrics and a speaker-breaking beat, this is an underground track for anyone who needs to move on to a new love.

Turn this up loud on Spotify. See more of the energy connect on the website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jacksonville’s A.L. Kem shines so bright in the way that he wants on ‘Living My Life’ (prod. by D’Artizt)

Bridging The Gap by A.L. Kem

Showing us his fierce mentality that has seen all the lows and is now only headed upwards, A.L. Kem shares with us the story about just going for it no matter what anyone else says on ‘Living My Life(prod. by D’Artizt).

A.L. Kem is a Jacksonville, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist who uses his musical gifts to assist others who are dealing with self-doubt and lack of confidence to blaze through life’s challenges and win.

Dedicating his life to sports, he landed a football scholarship to Iowa Wesleyan University. Things didn’t work out like he planned with college, so he came back home and stumbled upon writing music.” ~ A.L. Kem

With a tight flow that has some introspective lyrics that are never too heavy to understand, A.L. Kem is a sharp cat who has clawed his way to the top of the rooftop and intends on finding success despite the indifference of so many who he thought would back him but faded into the distance instead.

Living My Life(prod. by D’Artizt) from Jacksonville, Florida-based indie Hip hop artist A.L. Kem is an assured single all about heading in the direction that he wishes to go down. He raps with experienced insight from a life that has thrown him so many ferocious curve balls – that threatened to sink his mood – as he fought back and is now headed to that grand slam that is taking him to the top. Looking around swiftly but ignoring that tempting noise that seeps into the ears of so many, this is a man who knows where he is headed. Even if others aren’t endorsing his moves, he shows inspirational resolve to do things his way.

Hear this bars-filled single on Bandcamp and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ohio rapper BFA Flexx stays on his grind and inspires us all to reach higher on ‘My Mindset’

From seeing so many in his neighbourhood waste all the gifts given to them, BFA Flexx drops a track that should wake up millions in the world to slide swiftly off that couch and jump quickly into action right now on ‘My Mindset‘.

BFA Flexx is a Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist who raps with a smooth flow and is always looking to develop upwards in his chosen craft.

BFA Flexx has always been the underdog, but he’s never minded setting the bar high and reaching for the stars.” ~ BFA Flexx

Gliding above the clouds and impressing with a confident display that has a memorable beat to truly have stuck in your head for hours, BFA Flexx shows us the way to elevate yourself from the smog of small-mindedness that can sadly suffocate so many into mediocrity forever.

My Mindset‘ from Toledo, Ohio-based indie Hip hop artist BFA Flexx, sends a real message to all those who have felt stuck and not sure of their actual capabilities. He tells the truth throughout and vows to keep his attitude right no matter what challenges, as he drowns out the voices in his head and stays in the zone with that hardworking outlook that we can all aspire to.

Listen up to the audio on YouTube and see more vibes on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Came To Win: JESSICA-DRUE has a sound that is so ‘Infectious’ for the soul

With her ten star flow rushing through into your veins like a powerful waterfall, JESSICA-DRUE puts the gloves on to wrap up the competition via her new fire track called ‘Infectious‘.

JESSICA-DRUE is a smooth-voiced London-based rapper with a leader mentality, who performs from the heart and makes that honest music about the path to true happiness inside the bottom of your soul.

This is the story of doing what you have to do in order to survive in this wild world, that is full of doubt and excuses. She throws down with the best of them here with her catchy rhymes about doing it the right way, as she ignores the lame wannabees who are so clueless that they will get stung sooner or later by the wild game, that she knows all too well.

Her style is raw and never corny, as she blazes in with a confident style that has you bouncing in your seat, as she raps with so much fierce ferociousness and refreshing self-awareness.

Infectious‘ from the superb UK emcee JESSICA-DRUE, takes us on a journey through her world as she rips the mic down to its fragile bones, cutting through all doubts on a catchy beat that matches her ambitions just right. This is a quality track that shows her growth as one UK emcee to truly embrace, as she throws her heart and soul into every line she drops.

Stream the track here and see her IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drew Curry’s ‘Uncooked Crack’ Pokes In & Out Of Pop Culture References

Rapping, like many other music scenes, has a face that it’s used to. In today’s world, we’re finally starting to understand that pop isn’t just for pretty faces. We’re realizing that women can rock just as hard. A white rapper isn’t the hardest thing to imagine anymore, but this doesn’t mean one can always feel welcome when indulging in another culture’s art-styles. Drew Curry carries the confidence of a rapper, and uses that to push forward with his track Uncooked Crack.

This song teases and pokes in and out of pop culture references. The lyrics aren’t meant to shake your foundation but they also lack the feeling that Curry has something to prove. This isn’t a statement or act of defiance against the status quo. This is Borat-jokes and a fun, simple, good time. The beat is good and the bass is thunderous. The loop of pitch-shifted pianos carry enough interest for anyone questioning the composition of the instrumentals. As for the rapping itself, it’s got a dash of flow and no need for speed. There’s nothing fancy about it, nothing to brag about, just a song that sounds like it was a blast to make. Drew Curry’s released plenty of material, so if straight-forward verses with no extra garnish are what you seek, look no further.