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Touch You Slowly: Bahamian rapper Jaythexix likes the way that she dances on the lovers anthem ‘Moments’

Powered by indie label IslandMind Recordings and with his debut EP ‘Welcome To Jaloupa City‘ on the way shortly, Jaythexix saunters in smoothly with his second single all about making sure that she knows that he is different from the other guys on ‘Moments’.

Anjudde Parker aka Jaythexix, is a Freeport, Bahamas-born indie rapper/singer. He fuses together that sweet loving music vibration, which is that late-night candle-lit vibe, which involves lots of dancing and romance.

As he breezes swiftly into our awaiting speakers with a calming tone which captures your imagination briskly, this is a song to re-ignite your passion for leading you to the right place during the evening.

With affectionate lyrics that show his considerate side – the rapid bounce of this charm-filled track tells you that he is rather convincing – as she smiles gushingly and is transported into a different world that before, that has all previous troubles lifted into thin air.

Moments‘ from the Bahamian indie rapper Jaythexix, treats us to a confident artist who seems to know what she wants. This is the story of understanding that his new lover has been hurt before but he is that change which she needs, as you feel his intentions to make her feel special. With a Caribbean vibe to proceedings here, you feel the free-flowing energies holding you close, and this is a club track to get that dance floor grooving closely.

Those special moments are always the ones that you never forget after all.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist dazzles with wizardly vocals on ‘I Met A Women At The Well’

Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist dazzles on his new single with wizardly vocals on ‘I Met A Women At The Well‘.

Born in Nassau in the Bahamas, Exodus is a world traveler and educator. He is the founder of the new wave music Junkaa Bubb which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music. Though Junkaa Dubb music is known throughout the Caribbean Island. His gene of music was first introduced in Tokyo Japan which shows the worldwide impact of his music.

Exodus Burns‘ new albums ‘End Of God’s On Earth‘ and ‘Gospel By Dark‘ has been released this year which shows that this is an artist who is serious about getting his music out there.

I Met A Women At The Well‘ is the new, mysterious song from Exodus Burns And The Burning Vocalist as he tells the story of meeting his dream woman.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bahamas artist Shay Solo flows through with bedroom anthem ‘Nowhere Next To Sober’

Sultry Shay Solo soothes our soul with her new sexy bedroom single called ‘Nowhere Next To Sober’.

Shay Solo is a singer, rapper and songwriter from Nassau in The Bahamas. Her passion for singing developed in third grade where she performed for the first time at her school’s talent show. “ I received a lot of compliments after the show. To have someone in tears telling me how good I am, it really triggered something in me to keep pursuing music”.  This feeling on being on stage only blossomed from there. ​

Bahamas singer-songwriter and emcee Shay Solo is a young talent who makes great music. This is all about being with that special someone when you have had a couple of drinks. You are used to this now and this is a norm, In a funny way you wish that you could be sober together but would it have the same buzz and would you both be into each other? This is a love story with the lights on really low as you kiss all night and enjoy each others company.

Nowhere Next To Sober’ from Shay Solo is a likable sexy song that is best played with the lights on real low.

Stream this new song here on YouTube.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen