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Baby Tap evokes 90s nostalgia and advocates authenticity with his latest single, ‘Be Myself’.

Baby Tap

‘Be Myself’ is the latest short and sweet single to come from the unapologetically authentic Nottingham UK-based artist, rapper and producer Baby Tap – emphasis on the sweet.

The repetition of “I can be anything, but I just want to be myself’ hammers home the affirmation that you don’t have to share anyone’s vision of success; you can break the mould with your very own. With Baby Tap’s industrial hardcore and cyberpunk influences, he’s perceptibly leading by example.

Along with being a high fire feat of alt EDM hip hop that advocates individuality, Be Myself serves as a time capsule to the 90s with clever references to Pokemon and Power Rangers to evoke nostalgia and remind you of the times when finding Charizard cards felt like the pinnacle of success.

You can check out Baby Tap on SoundCloud, keep up to date with new releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Baby Tap’s panic-inducing beats and bombastic raps come back with ‘Burn The House Down’

Nightclub-scene UK rapper Baby Tap brings his wildest and weirdest flows out with his new release ‘Burn The House Down’ – the latest from his new album.

‘Burn The House Down’ is an effectively titled song for what amounts to an audible assault on planning laws, conventions and society’s hang-ups from Baby Tap. There’s an unmistakably weird and chaotic quality to the production, and it hits the right (and wrong) beats to make you feel this is a track best designed to be a soundtrack to a night you’re not sure if you can remember correctly – or if it was indeed, an extremely fucking weird dream. 

That’s not to say the track doesn’t do its job perfectly at giving you a great taster of this UK artist’s unmistakably out there presence. If chaotic and at times, genuinely hilarious, lyrics alongside bombastic electronic production are your thing, check it out. 

You can check out ‘Burn The House Down’ on Baby Tap’s YouTube channel.