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Don’t Get Too High: Andy Quick manages to block out the distractions on the visuals for ‘Ninety Nine’

With a barrage of challenges to deal with as he merely tries to keep in shape, Andy Quick shows us that it is indeed possible to push down the walls and breakthrough into that peaceful place with his entertaining new single ‘Ninety Nine‘.

Andy Quick is a much-loved and award-winning Plymouth, England-based indie singer-songwriter who is known throughout the UK for his wild live shows.

Showing us why he is so respected all over the land with his sincere edge and calming vocals, Andy Quick has a splendid style that is like no other and he is on top form here with a really likeable new single. You feel so might lighter on your feet after listening to a mightily skilled artist who only seems to delight your soul after each one of his much-awaited releases.

Ninety Nine‘ from the extraordinarily exhilarating Plymouth, England-based musician Andy Quick is one of those music videos you just want to watch again and again as it’s almost guaranteed to give you a gigantic smile across your dial. There is a real message here of keeping your cool when you could easily heat up and melt from all the stress in this rather peculiar world.

Hear this terrific new single on YouTube and see more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Your Words Linger: Hungarian artist Peter Kaszas wonders what they will decide on ‘Yes and No’

As the dark and threatening clouds pass by as he looks for a safe space to hide inside, Peter Kaszas sings with such passion on a new track all about waiting for that all-important decision from that person you love on ‘Yes and No‘.

Peter Kaszas is an award-winning Hungarian drummer and indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes a classy type of music that shows his vast experience and always-evolving skillset.

As he looks profoundly into their blinking eyes and asks that they either keep him in or out – and not in-between – as the throbbing pain of waiting is so hard to tolerate, Peter Kaszas is at his effortless best with a vocally-charged performance that might leave you pondering your own heartbreak when faced with an indecisive human who you care for greatly.

Yes and No‘ from the well-respected Hungary-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and drummer Peter Kaszas, is a loving single that shows us the pain of a man who has experienced so much heartbreak before. He leads us into his eyes so that we can see what he is going through, as you stay up all night with his mind racing rather fast like a Formula 1 car. Sung with such conviction and care, this is a reflective track that you feel is rather timeless.

Hear this emotional single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Sense Of A Home: Captivating Chicago singer-songwriter Morgan Pirtle would rather run away than be ‘Lost In A World’

Sung with genuine connection and palatable vocals that might have you exuding a small tear, Morgan Pirtle is at her caring and beautiful best with an honest track about finding your way in this strange place we call home with ‘Lost In A World‘.

Morgan Pirtle is an award-winning indie folk/jazz solo artist and storyteller who is based in Chicago, Illinois and sings with such astonishingly real essence on each one of her elegant pieces of art.

Morgan is a Luminarts Fellow in Jazz and a Downbeat Student Music Awards Winner.” ~ Morgan Pirtle

This is the sweet story that so many of us will definitely relate to. Trying to find that cosy home that makes you feel so warm inside all your bones – seems so much harder than before – as you just feel like running away sometimes but aren’t sure where to go.

Morgan Pirtle shows us her incredible angelic soul in full view with this mesmerizing effort that shall have you feeling so much more relaxed than before. She is on top form with a scintillating display that has authentic lyrics of self-examination, which is a soul-healing gem of an experience that is notably exceptional.

Lost In A World‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie folk/jazz solo artist Morgan Pirtle, is one of the more enjoyable listens from 2021. This is a hugely underrated young woman who sings with such a lovable style which gives you happy shivers, as you just lay back – and let her take you into her vividly-described world – that is saturated with that rare kindness we all need to admire.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Holding My Heart: Brookyn’s Elly Kace is absolutely wonderful on ‘I’

Taken off her just-released 11-track concept album named ‘Nothing I See Means Anything‘, Elly Kace simmers down all of our distress with her exquisite 3rd single that will have your heart feeling so much more relaxed than before with ‘I‘.

Elly Kace is an award-winning Brooklyn, New York-based world-class opera singer, pop artist and certified JM Vinyasa yoga instructor.

We find a thoroughly engaging musician who has just taken the brave step of moving into the pop realm – and she certainly defies all the odds stacked against her – with a truly mesmerizing performance that puts you into a transformative state of new-found awareness.

Elly Kace’s musical life so far has been defined by ceaseless curiosity and passion. Already an established and acclaimed opera singer, her winding and award-winning career has found her performing across the world.” ~ Elly Kace

After having to flee her brand new career in Italy due to this horrid pandemic during 2020, Elly Kace took time to reinvent herself during this time at home. We find a truly excellent talent who was spurred on by her absolute love for yoga, as she uses her outstanding vocal ability to bring us a wonderful single that is one of the best so far in 2021.

I‘ from the Brooklyn, New York-based indie-pop artist and all-around star Elly Kace, shows us an extraordinary singer who sounds reborn from a restrictive environment that is in the rearview mirror now. She flourishes to mind-bending heights with a vocally-advanced single that has your whole body in absolute euphoria, with an ear-bending encounter to truly behold and remember forever. This is that soul-healing track for us to be inspired with, as Elly leads us into a better place than before.

Hear this stunning effort on Spotify and see more from the superb creative on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The People Love Me: Gianluca John Attanasio takes us on a worldwide journey on ‘King Money’

Released off 2020’s thirteen-track album called ‘Beyond2Doors‘, Gianluca John Attanasio is at his best with a vividly descriptive video that has captured footage from his wildly exciting performances all over the world with ‘King Money‘.

Gianluca John Attanasio is a multi-skilled, award-winning and critically acclaimed British-Italian indie rock singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, screenwriter, film director, photographer and journalist.

This video was made with a series of footage from 2014 to 2020.” ~ Gianluca John Attanasio

This is a top quality track that has you thinking deeply about your own travels – and what money actually means to you –  to ponder if it can truly control you, or actually set you free in your valuable mind. With so much to see and do, its up to us to make that decision after all and to never look back.

Shots was taken in London, Los Angeles, New York, Rome, Lecce and Manduria.” ~ Gianluca John Attanasio

King Money‘ from the classy London-based Italian indie rock singer-songwriter and composer Gianluca John Attanasio, is that intimate story about travelling the world and seeking out the truth in what you see. Sung with a real grit and honest introspection, we are wrapped inside the mind of a true underrated legend. He sings with a real honesty and is clearly in tune with the inner workings of the world, wherever he goes.

This is the type of well-received track to have you dusting off that lonely passport – waiting for those formally busy roads and flights to open up freely again – so you can experience all these wonderfully unique countries, with their own unique personality inside for us to learn from.

See his new video on YouTube and find out more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Can Take A Bite: Prodigious Vancouver-based singer Sofia Evangelina shows so much bravery on the astonishingly exceptional ‘Endure’

With a powerfully elegant vocal ability that might cause your heart to pulsate a bit quicker than before, Sofia Evangelina fights through the darkly-lit carnage with a new single that will have you shaking with admiration on ‘Endure‘.

Sofia Evangelina is a fully focused, multi-award-winning, teen indie RnB/pop singer-songwriter and actress from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. She makes that inspiring music, with a superb presentation, that has a real message and is combined with crisp production and stunning vocals.

This is the heroic message about staying strong no matter what, as you need to have the courage to face life-altering moments that scare you, hurt you, and make you question who you are inside. The fight to dig yourself out of those dreadful circumstances will harden you up and make you a true survivor, who will never (ever) let anyone claw at you undesirably again and take your glowing shine away.

You feel her spirit getting stronger as her stunning song goes deeper in – her tremendous story is so striking and has your breath taken away for a few moments – as you get lost with her, you close your eyes to fully understand her story of taking on the horrible beasts and succeeding like a valorous Lioness.

Endure‘ from the outstanding and highly-motivated Vancouver-based RnB/pop artist Sofia Evangelina, is one of the best vocal performances of the year so far, as she sings with such fight and desire. The wolves may have circled her before but she made it out stronger – and brings us a truly glorious song that should inspire us all to reach our dreams – no matter what or who is biting at us. The scars will heal, if you want to win enough.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more of her stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen