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Audri delivers mystic poetry in her theatrical pop single, Fortune Teller.

If you’ve ever looked to the occult with desperation to find something promising, next time, you might want to check out Audri’s latest dark pop single, Fortune Seller, instead.

With soulful vocals that find themselves between the Cranberries, Bjork and Kate Bush, the dark, spacey electronic release is arresting from the first note until the last.

Audri may be fresh from inception, but she’s already racking up more than 100k streams with her decadently demure vocal timbre, which is perfectly complemented by artfully atmospheric guitars, ominous droning synths and fierce percussion that almost brings a tribal element tracks such as Fortune Teller. All things considered, Fortune Teller is an alchemic cocktail of finesse and style. We can’t wait to hear more.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Seattle-based Audri is here with splendidly arranged ”Automatic”

Sometimes the feeling is just absolutely laser focused and automatic. You just know when you are attracted to someone and the spark can consume you. The first time I listened to this song I just knew I liked Audri. A lot. Her voice is smokey clear and with intoxicating power.

This is indie-pop with plenty of punch and perfectly percolated with methodical precision. Taken off the new EP titled Aud, put your hands together as one and turn Audri’s music up loud.

With a way of grabbing you by the soul but not in a pushy manner, Seattle native Audri dazzles with her new single. ”Automatic” is all about the first time your eyes meet with someone and the sparks fly off the earth like a furious welder. Her voice is so incredible and she brings us into the story expertly from a distance. There is no coincidence about this talent, she is here with a bang and we need to take note. I feel free while listening to Audri. The production is fantastic and blends in perfectly with her style and for the song’s purpose. We have just witnessed a breakthrough of a massive scale. Audri is on the rise and we need to tune in now.

Click here on Spotify for this song and more music from this fantastic young artist with the world at her feet.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen