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Aim Right: Zelo Cung lets the whole world know the intentions on CBlock (feat. Chino Vonn)

Opening up the red eye and making sure that the target is locked into the zone, Zelo Cung has dropped a rather enormously gigantic statement track to all the sneaky haters on CBlock (feat. Chino Vonn).

Zelo Cung is a 22-year-old Asian-American rapper who was born in Sihhmuh in Chin State, Myanmar and moved to the US with his family in search of a better life.

The founder of KLMN ENTERTAINMENT, Zelo Cung pulsates our speakers and has annihilated the local competition with a fiery anthem with his crew which will have many tongues wagging. Bringing the heat and tearing up the script, this is a rather tremendous track to turn up the volume with.

CBlock (feat. Chino Vonn) from the raw Asian-American rapper Zelo Cung is a tremendously enthusiastic effort made with the underground community in mind. Slamming the smoke down hard and bellowing out a single to show us the mission presented, this is a thunderbolt of a track made for those who just want to keep it real.

See this new video on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Like A Whirlwind: Asian-American artist Xander Lee can’t stop thinking about that passionate summer on Private Hell

Trapped in a world where he wants to escape but feels so powerless from its mighty aura, Xander Lee closes his eyes and only sees that moment he can’t seem to pass from on the catchy new single to dance with, Private Hell.

Xander Lee is a San Francisco, California-based indie pop/rock-electronic solo singer-songwriter and music producer who is proudly Asian-American with Chinese and Korean roots.

Viewing himself as a singer-songwriter who uses his voice and the computer as his primary instruments, he combines a focus on lyrical storytelling with creative sound design and production, tipping traditional pop songwriting on its head and drawing you into his searing explorations of mental health and youthful angst.” ~ Xander Lee leading us into his vision for this striking music project

Opening that steaming window to cool down after thinking too much about that special night, Xander Lee drifts into our souls with an ear-catching display that might cause your whole body to shudder rather unexpectedly. Dripping in an anthem-like delivery which has a big stadium written all over it, we find a rising musician who is so valiant on this audacious soundtrack to those days we all wish we could transport back into.

Private Hell from San Francisco, California-based indie pop/rock-electronic artist Xander Lee, is a lust-fueled story that many young lovers have felt during that wonderful summer. He tells us a descriptive story that shall warm your heart and also cause much regret about how it all ended rather quickly when the opposite was supposed to happen. Lathered in confidence and thriving with a splendid sound which could cause temperatures to rise, this is a sizzler for us all to learn from.

Recalling special times can be fun, as long as you can let it go when needed.

Listen up on Spotify and see more of his journey unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen