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Riveting Jewish country with Queens singer Aryeh Kunstler’s ”Accept”

You need to accept that sometimes things need to end. There is no point worrying about it or other-thinking. It needs to happen and you will feel at peace.

Aryeh Kunstler is a rising star in the Jewish music scene and is from Queens, New York. With his stunning guitar skills and a whole bunch of songs from different styles, he has captivated the imagination of fans from Israel and the USA. Performing for the last five years, you get the feeling that this is his breakout moment.

Accept” is a wonderfully visual video and shows off Aryeh in full force. This video that was shot wonderfully by Jay Aron and is a sight to behold with the sea in the background. The song is a break through for this singer-songwriter who has tried out different styles. I feel like he is onto a winning formula here as he becomes more and more well-known globally. There is a nice vibe here and I feel like singing too.

Aryeh Kunstler impresses here with his Jewish country track called ”Accept”. He feels at peace and this can only be a good thing for this massive talent from New York.

To see his Wiki page head through there and get even more information.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen