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Back Out: London West End star Arun Blair-Mangat brings the glittering groove to get you romantically moving again on ‘Diving Back In’

With a funky cool atmosphere that gets your whole ecstatic body feeling alive with excitement, Arun Blair-Mangat jumps into the dating scene again to find someone actually worth the attention on ‘Diving Back In‘.

Arun Blair-Mangat is a highly confident London, UK-based actor and indie Pop singer-songwriter. With a sensational voice that grips your fascination and has you fingers clicking again, this is a hot track to put on full volume.

A star of London’s glittering West End, Arun developed and played the “groundbreaking” (Attitude Magazine) gender non-conforming role of May in Max Martin’s hit musical “& Juliet”, and followed in his mentor Billy Porter’s footsteps in “Kinky Boots”. “Diving Back In” is Arun’s breakout song as a pop artist; pulling inspiration from the disco titans of the 70s, it captures his cheeky, bubbly, fluid energy, and puts it in a bottle for whenever you need a sip, or two, or four.” ~ Arun Blair-Mangat

Featuring a dazzling array of high notes which will flatter even the biggest 420 fan, this is a scintillating single from a remarkable singer. You feel like there is so much more come – with an entertaining ambiance that has you thoroughly intrigued from the first second – as you set and forget your ears on, to witness this marvelous energy unfolding rather wonderfully.

Diving Back In‘ from the London, UK-based actor and indie Pop singer-songwriter Arun Blair-Mangat, is the type of single you just can’t help but enjoy and smile with. The exuberant energies are rather special and filled with true love, from a creative who is keen to be a success in music. With lots of flair, a winning mentality, a special vocal ability, and oozes of charm that sizzles on the fire like a hot barbecue in summer, you just know that this is an artist who is going places.

The cream always rises to the top.

See this fresh new video on YouTube and see more on his action-packed IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen