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Arevieje releases her latest single Journey

Arevieje has released her latest single ‘Journey’ a piece filled with powerful vocals and triumphant instrumentals, as the piece demonstrates the sound of world music.

Bringing in culture, from around the world through many different styles of sound. Having the mirakka, the drum and then the mellow strum on the acoustic guitar. Giving that relaxing instrumental as you listen, it’s so calming.

Using humming and the use of having quiet vocals immerse at the start, Arevieje voice comes in and makes the song up with her incredibly mesmerising vocal tone, giving it that calming feeling as you listen to the soft voice and the use of instrumentation to create impact.

Arevieje has created a piece that brings in so many unique instruments and uses her potent vocals to create a truly delightful track.

Listen to Arevieje track Journey by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall