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Ares Adamidis – Black Flower: Entrancing Indietronica

Here to prove that drummers can write music is 20-year-old instrumentalist Ares Adamidis with his album, ‘Yellow’. The lead single, ‘Black Flower’, is a spacey electronic indie garage rock testament of Ares’ playful, unpretentious explorative style which bears not even a fraction of assimilation.

With hints of 00s indie with 00s pop-punk weaved into the futuristic soundscape that throws even further back to the golden age of post-punk, it doesn’t matter how many obscurities Ares threw at Black Flower, the swathes of nostalgia swallow you; while nothing in the bright and punchy mix feels stale.

His aural distinction is one thing, the energy he brings both vocally and instrumentally is quite another. You can expect the same level of energy in the most anthemic tracks by The Vaccines.

Black Flower is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast